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Stories | 2016

Fun on a business trip [MF]

I used to absolutely loathe traveling for business. I work in real estate and some travel is part of the game, but it’s usually by myself and the days consist of walking through tired buildings with a bunch of middle age men. Fortunately, as you get more successful, you get some support.

[F] [Public] Discovering new things with an older man

I met this guy on a night out with a uni society a few months ago, he's 35 and I'm 21 and he was really into me. I knew he wanted to sleep with me so I let him follow me around and buy me drinks all night, tbh partly because I knew everyone I was with fancied him and I wanted to make everyone jealous, then left because I had a boyfriend. I'd never cheat but the next day I was thinking about the guy from the night before and ever since I've thought about him a lot and how much I wished I was single just for that night so I could have fucked him.

First time my boyfriend shared my mouth with another man. [FMF] [Threesome]

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this sub, but not to Reddit. My boyfriend has been reading the slutty stories here and encouraging me to post a couple of my stories. I absolutely love being a slut, and my man always encourages me as well. It feels like I'm living the dream!

New in the lifestyle - First full swap [MFMF][Group]

Preface We're a young couple, early 30s, from germany (sorry for mistakes) and we're in the swinger lifestyle since june 2017. Because we love this subreddit we want to give you some stories of our new life. I'm (lets say) Calvin and 30 years old. I'm about 5'10' and i would say well "defined" with brown hair and blue eyes. Not ugly but also not "super" attractive. Maybe a little above average looking. On the other hand is my gf lets call her "Maria". She is awesome. She is a small girl with 5'2' but not skinny.

My Year With a Succubus, Part 2 [MF][BDSM][Squirting]

I called J and asked her to drinks at a favorite bar of mine, a good local place modeled after a speakeasy with a great bourbon selection. The bar is down a flight of stairs and marked only by a red light, and during the week it’s very quiet so I knew we wouldn’t be bothered.