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Stories | 2016

New Friend Fantasy Played Out [MF]

Long time lurker, and subscriber to both here and r/sex. Posted a few times there with another account before realizing I might want a bit more anonymity in my username for these subreddits since I have a lot of friends and coworkers on reddit.

My wife [23F] and I [24M] have recently started getting more explorative in the bedroom, things are getting so hot that I find myself daydreaming about it constantly, so I want to start writing out what we’ve done. For fun, and to get it out so I can focus on other things haha.

[M]y crazy single life New Orleans > Vegas part 1/ day 1

recently single after 10 years. I went to Vegas early this year for 48 hours it was a really fun wild trip and I meant to come here and post about it but I forgot Then I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago at a conference and it blew Vegas out the water. Thought I share my story.

[FM] A very productive Easter Sunday

If you read my last story then you remember me saying that the guy and I from that post haven’t really talked much since our last hookup. Well he actually saw that story and contacted me, and we have been talking pretty regularly recently. He seemed to miss my pussy pretty badly so he wanted to make plans for this week and I was totally game. He disclosed to me that he had surgery on his abdomen so he couldn’t really fucking wasn’t really going to be the focal point of this hookup. He was more interested in watching me play with myself and having me suck him off.