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Stories | 2016

My Year With a Succubus, Part 1 [MF][Cheating]

This is my first of many posts here (I hope!), and it took a bit of courage to share. I have a lot of instances in my life that I think are worth sharing, and many of them come from this period of my life. I was 23, and back in college after taking time off to travel and work. I’m white, 6’1, about 145 lbs here. I was fit but not built in any sense of the word, with brown hair that I kept swept back and shaved sides. I had a tattoo recently finished on my chest, and another on my shoulder from a few years before. I’ll go by “KN” if my name is mentioned below.

[M]y [F]irst time fucking a fan

I was doing a lot of writing about sex at the time, and there were always a series of regular commenters, and I always try to acknowledge people who find the time for a few kind words. Writing on the internet often feels like shouting into an empty auditorium, so a little gratitude goes a long way with me. Anyhow, I had a new commenter appear, and I could see some sadness in her first comment, so I took a few minutes and wrote her back something supportive. At the time, it was really just being kind, because I like doing that.

Japanese Slave [MF]

I met this Japanese girl named Aiko a little over a month ago while shopping at Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. When we first exchanged introductions, I told her about my experience visiting Japan (Osaka and Tokyo) a few years ago.

This travel story enabled us to establish some commonality. About ten minutes later, we swapped LINE IDs.

A few days later, I asked her out to Bellwoods Brewery (on Ossington Avenue) for a date. We decided to meet up at 5 pm (on a Friday night) before the big crowds roared in.

The Lazy River a.k.a. "Fuck Me Under This Bucket" [MMF]

Preface: I'm about 153 pounds and 6'0" -- a skinny caucasian guy. And, yes, the following is a true story. It involves a giant bucket, a horny resort security guard, a friend who was (and still is) fearless, and... fucking.

Despite being surrounded by a lake and a forest, my eyes had been fixated on Renee's body all throughout the hot summer day.

1 [FFM] 5 True Things That's Happened To Me In A MFF Scenario And 1 Lie

Thought i'd mix things up a little.

The following list contains 6 things that I have experienced in an MFF scenario with random women that I have met for sex who also like girl on girl.

One is false...