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Stories | 2016

Buttplay and Blowjobs [MF]

“I wonder how much I could stretch your butt without going in”

“Mmkay” I was already on my stomach, naked from the waist down, while he kneaded at my butt. At this point it was more sensual than sexual and I figured it couldn’t be too bad. I more or less expected him to keep doing what he had been, I was very wrong. He gripped my cheeks and started pulling them apart, so much so that I really felt like he was going to tear something without even going inside me. I whimpered but didn’t protest anymore than that.

[MF] When I finally hooked up with Black Snooki haha

I’ll start by saying this story is a bit long in the beginning but I want to explain the build up. This post is about a girl I jokingly used to say looked like a black Snooki. She was about 4’10 or 4’11, she was African American mixed with Japanese and a couple other things and wore glasses. Even though she was short and a bit chubby, she had huge boobs, friends of ours would even call her boobs as a nickname Lmao. No matter what she wore, they were always kinda falling out.

[MF] had a friend come over and fill me this week. Cum filled panty pic at the end

Early this week I had a free morning so I spent it in the tub then naked in bed playing. I was chatting with a friend and really needed some cock so I invited him over. I told him the door is unlocked, my pussy is wet and my mouth is hungry. I was naked in the bedroom when he came in. We quickly moved to the living room. He took his shirt off and I was standing up against him. Kind of rubbing his chest and pressing up against him. He undid his pants and pushed them down a bit and I was rubbing my hands everywhere and lower. He was already hard.

Hot sex with hubby while my mom and shitty step-dad were visiting [FM]

Throwaway account that I used for GW. This story isn't for everyone, as I have some issues from my childhood, but it's really just mostly sexual encounters my husband and I had over four consecutive days while my Mom and my step-dad were visiting. Skip to "Wednesday" if you really just want the sex and no background.