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New in the lifestyle - First full swap [MFMF][Group] | 2016

Preface We're a young couple, early 30s, from germany (sorry for mistakes) and we're in the swinger lifestyle since june 2017. Because we love this subreddit we want to give you some stories of our new life. I'm (lets say) Calvin and 30 years old. I'm about 5'10' and i would say well "defined" with brown hair and blue eyes. Not ugly but also not "super" attractive. Maybe a little above average looking. On the other hand is my gf lets call her "Maria". She is awesome. She is a small girl with 5'2' but not skinny. She has awesome Double DD tits and a nice ass. Her face is beautiful with a petite nose. I'll probably post some pics

Our sexlife is good but after 10 years together we wanted to try something new. Therefore we visited a few swinger clubs and explored the scene. The entrance to a new world and completed different life. We are totally happy with everything that happened since then and want to tell you about our best memories.

The Story The story takes place around september last year. We were a few times in swinger clubs and every time we would go further. First just watch and let others watch us fuck. Then a little bit of touching and kissing the other couples.

But this time we wanted to try our first full swap. We met a nice cute couple on a swinger site and arranged a meetup at the club.

The other couple is very experienced in the lifestyle but in our age. Let's call them Clara and John. John is a handsome guy. His body is well trained with huge muscles. He is a little shorter than me around 5'7''. Clara is just stunning. She is very beautiful blonde woman with huge fake tits. Her ass was (I've to admit) even better than Anna's ass. You can see both of them are hitting the gym often. She is around 5'4''.

They were waiting for us at the bar in the club. I was pretty nervous because that was our first time with someone else since 10 years and as a men there is always performance anxiety. Clara and John were pretty cool and super friendly. Maria is relaxed and in a good mood. We are drinking and talking about 1 hour. Get know each other a little bit and have some fun. Then we hit the dance floor. Its awesome. The girls are dancing together… touching and kissing. Because thats a swinger club the cloth are pretty hot. Clara is wearing a white string body something like that

And Maria has a black body with a huge hole in the middle. Like this

The mens are wearing a nice boxershort and a slim fit shirt. (pretty normal)

After a few hours of dancing and talking we want to have some sex. All four of us going upstairs and find an empty room with a huge bed. Perfect! John and Clara took the right side of the bed and we took the left side. Everybody is starting with the spouse. Kissing and touching. Maria was super excited and doesn’t want to wait any longer therefore she asks Clara: “Hey Clara, want to switch?”. Boom. I was a little bit shocked (yeah I know we wanted a full swap but that Maria was so aggressiv and can’t start with me took me out of my comfort zone).

But now it’s on! Maria is going to John and Clara crawls to me. She gave me my first kiss with another woman in 10 years. Fast we are making out pretty heavy. It’s different but pretty awesome. Later Maria told me that John is also a very good and gentle kisser. She liked it. I took control and push her on the back. I kiss her whole body. Her beautiful tits with these hard nipples. My first fake tits (its ok but I like natural more). When I finally got down to her pussy she was dripping wet. She smelt like a sweet flour and I can’t wait to lick this pussy. She was delicious. I licked her clit and her whole pussy. She was moaning pretty loud. Maria is normally quiet and enjoying but the loud moans of Clara was turning me on even more.

On the same time John was going down on Maria and I try sneak a peek. She seems to enjoy Johns treatment and is also moaning. As i said she is normally pretty quiet but in this situation she was animated to the same as Clara and is moaning. Also I try to see if everything is fine and we’re okay in our first full swap. But she doesn’t seem to have time for me XD - I go back to “work”.

5-7 Minutes (I’m not so sure how long it took) later Clara was coming pretty hard and I was pretty happy - mental high five to myself. I watch over to Maria and saw her coming, too. It's a strange but totally sexy feeling to see the own girlfriend coming from someone other than me.

The girls were happy for the moment so now its boys time. John suggest that a double bj for me would be a good start in the full swap swinging scene - mental high five to John. Awesome guy! ;) The girls are going to town at my hard cock but Maria was pretty excited and a little bit nervous. She please John the same way he pleased her therefore she don’t want to leave him alone. Only 30 seconds I got a double bj than Maria declared “enough Calvin. I’m going back to him”... Everybody with laughing. I was a little bit sad but after 5 seconds a forget about it because Clara was working my cock again. Her lips was pretty soft and was a smooth feeling. Maria on the other side is working John's cock and she is sucking pretty hard. Normally I like it with more power but the softer variant was good for me. Johns cock is a little bit smaller than me and Maria enjoys it. It’s again very strange to see your own gf suck another cock but on the same time is super hot. Besides the fact that another hot girl is sucking my cock at the exact same moment. Clara has nice eyes and maintain eye contact all the time. I love it.

After probably 10 minutes of sucking and balls licking its enough and we want to fuck. It's time to fuck that pussy. And she was ready for it. I took a condom and she was on her back waiting for me. Because of the licking and the hot situation she was still pretty wet and i can dive in directly. I’m not 100% sure but i think John and Maria are already fucking, too. Clara is again moaning pretty loud and that turned me on even more to fuck her harder. I push my dick as deep as I can in her. And she liked it. She want to ride me so we switch the places. Her tits are stunning and she has a good speed. On the other side i can see my girl getting fucked doggy style. She loves that position he is fuckign her hard. I can see her huge tits bounce. 4 tits are bouncing.

By the way - the room was open for everyone to watch and we have plenty of viewers. I’m not sure how many and in the moment I don’t see them but I can see their shadows and hear them talking. Sometimes even moaning. But I was in the moment and can focus on this, too.

I don’t know why, maybe it's the heat (pretty hot in this room) or the whole situation but my hard cock was softening. Probably a mental thing but in this moment it's not funny. I want to fuck that nice girl but my cock is not hard anymore. It’s okay for her and she want to blow me a little bit more but Maria took control and switched back to me.

John didn’t come yet, too. Therefore Clara jumps on him and is riding him now. Maria knows how to handle me and gave me a very good bj. She gets me hard again (no problem for her). I’m hard now so I’m going over to Clara (she is still riding john's cock) and gave her my dick. She is sucking me and riding him at the same time. Awesome feeling and view. Maria joins them on the bottom. She lickes his balls and kissing her ass. That’s too much for Clara… Maria at her ass, John in her pussy and me in her mouth. She is coming again. John declares that he always need sometime to get a organsm. Clara goes down and gave him a blowjob. Maria wanted to help and goes to his upper body. She is kissing him and licking his nipples and torso. I wanted to come myself and took my Maria from behind. I fuck her doggy while she is kissing and licking John. Sometimes i fucked her to hard so she can't help but just put her tits in his face and enjoy him and me at the same time. Clara turned her angle so she forms a fuck triangle with us. I now can touch her pussy and gave her clit a small massage. It was a little bit difficult to fuck and finger two girls but it was just awesome. I can hear Clara moan sometime on his cock.

That was enough for me and I could feel the best orgasm of my entire life coming on. The girls helped John a little bit more to also cum. He pushed is load deep in the throat of Clara.

We ended the evening after a few more drinks. It was an awesome evening and our first experience with another couple. We loved it and fall in love with this lifestyle since then.

If you like the story there is more to come ;)

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