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Stories | 2016

[MF] How I got the job

 So there I was, nervously waiting in the parking lot for my job interview at UPS. I was applying for jobs all summer that year. Application after application, and not one single response. It sucked big time. Lucky for me I found an ad that UPS had posted online wanting warehouse package handlers, at $15 an hour. Wasn't bad for an entry level position. It was a new facility too. 20 minutes from where I lived. The last gig I had fell through, but I wasn't able to receive unemployment funds after the fact.

27[MM] The time one of the straight guys I'd been sucking off asked if he could go further

I've written a couple of times about how I've given blowjobs to straight guy friends of mine when they've been having periods of sexual frustration. It was win-win for us. I enjoyed pleasuring them. They got some much needed release. We kept it our mutual secret and that added to the all around turn on. Then one of them asked if he could fuck me. We'll call him John.

Boat day continued [MFM]

During our adventure on the boat while I fucked my gorgeous wife deep her friend decided to call a guy we have been talking to with interest in tag teaming my wife. The friend face timed him and gave him a few good shots of me fucking the wife missionary. We hung up with the promise that he could join us later that night for more fun. Fast forward a few hours the boat is now home and the girls and I have all showered and ate a bit. We are sitting in the living room a bit bored when I question the girls about inviting guy over for some fun.

He tied me up and fucked my ass [FM]

I am a 22-year-old female. He’s a 27-year-old male.

I have been hooking up quite often with Liam, from a previous story. I was house sitting and bored one weekend so I told him to come over. I told him I had a few things to play around with.

Liam knocked on the door about twenty minutes later. I gave him a coy smile while I opened the door in my boyshort underwear and t-shirt. He could see my nipples poking through the fabric. I motioned for him to come in before the cat could make a run for it through the door.

Naughty teacher's spring break gangbang [MFM] [MF] [MFMM]

So it was spring break last week and I had thought earlier in the month that this would be the perfect time for me to have a gangbang. I would be able to relax the next day to recover and not have to worry about teaching. Sean offered to help me plan it. A few days away he told me that he had 6 guys confirmed and a few guys on standby just in case. That means including him and my Master there would be 8 guys. Sean also made sure to find a fluffer, someone who had done it before and I had actually met at one of the parties, her name is Sophie.