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Stories | 2016

What lies beneath [MF]

Even now as I think back about my one night stand with Francesca, it seems slightly surreal. We met online, and agreed to meet up for a drink and a movie. Not dinner, we didn’t want to make that kind of a commitment without even knowing each other, just a drink.

We met at a very non-descript bar. I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, and she had a glass of white wine, which both felt appropriate for the summer. Sometimes the get to know you chit chat of when you first meet somebody can be very banal, and sometimes it can be excited. This was part of the former.

[MF] What happened when I helped my boss with an errand... (Part 3)

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

This story is rather lengthy, so I marked where the sex begins. And for those who are now joining us…

Fifty Shades Of Wedding Date [MF] (Long)

So, couple things...Sorry for anyone expecting a really dirty fifty shades style story...1) I thought it was a good title, 2) I have never seen the movies, 3) it does involve some tie down, but that's about it... So, if that's what you came for, save yourself some time!

[FM] Vacation sex with the masseuse

Hello! I am currently still on vacation, this happened yesterday afternoon. I am a 22F.

So my family and I have been on vacation since Wednesday. Yesterday I decided to get a massage at our resort. I have had massages before so it was nothing special. I went to the spa, stripped naked and put on a robe. I tried out the steam room, sauna and different relaxation pools before my appointment time. Then a receptionist came and got me and took me to the room for my massage.

[FM] Fucked while wearing a butt plug

So I bought a jeweled butt plug recently that I’ve been having a lot of fun with. After getting used to it and wearing it to class a few times, I decided I wanted to get fucked with it in.