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Stories | 2016

Starting of being a submissive Colleague [MF] (long)

A little background story.

Me - I'm 24 years old. Female. Petite. Black hair that reaches my collar bone. I have a couple of tattoos. C cup tits with a pretty full ass.

Him - 24 years old. Pretty toned body. Charming face with a handsome smile. Average height. Always dressed in a suit. And has a girlfriend.

So, we met a year ago at work where I first started. Everything was pretty casual. Then one day, there was a little wink. A brush across the arm. A smile that lasted too long.

Move to *** for the delicious part.

Bianca or: How We Had Sex with a Local Au Pair [mff]

The story of how she messaged us initially is a bit interesting. She read one of our /r/gonewildstories and enjoyed it so much that she shared it with a friend from back home. The friend pointed out that we not only had a wealth of stories, but were also frequent posters on a local r4r subreddit and in her area. She encouraged Bianca to message us, and she eventually did.

Third Time Lucky [MF][MF][MF]

My first post from last week went down very well so here is one from a few years back.

[MF] Shared as a hotwife with a stranger on a night out

This time I wanted to write a story about our most recent encounter. Since a lot of you guys appreciated the lady view of our stories, we decided to let her write the whole story this time.

After our group sex and multiple threesome encounters we understood that we found the most amazing part of introducing other people to our sex life was the idea of sharing me. My husband got quite open to this over time and we gain a lot of positive sexual energy from sharing me with other men. And it's damn exciting!