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Stories | 2016

[m/f] My girl loved being treated like shit

Back when I was at college, I had a girlfriend called Holly who I found I was extremely sexually compatible with. She was easily the most satisfying girl I'd ever been with. You see, Holly was into being humiliated, insulted and made to do things she didn't want to do. I'd kind of figured this out for myself, but she did confirm to me that this was exactly what she got off on. She didn't understand why, but it worked for her. Worked really fucking well, as I would find out.

My GF dressed like a slutty secretary for me...Part 1 [M/F]

Quick descriptions: Erica: 24F, about 5’4’’ and curvy (classic hourglass shape). She’s got large D breasts, a skinny waist, a rather large ass and shaved pussy. She’s beautiful.

Me (Greg): 26M, about 5’9’’ and fit. Not super muscular as I only weigh about 165, but not fat either. Slightly above average cock (7in) with very shortly trimmed pubic hair.

It was a rather boring day at work until around 3pm when Erica started texting me. At first it just your average conversation; “how’s your day going....”, “work sucks”, “can’t wait to get home”.