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Fun on a business trip [MF] | 2016

I used to absolutely loathe traveling for business. I work in real estate and some travel is part of the game, but it’s usually by myself and the days consist of walking through tired buildings with a bunch of middle age men. Fortunately, as you get more successful, you get some support.

I was slated to go see a client in a neighboring state for just a night to help with some site selection. Luckily for me, I was able to have a traveling buddy for the journey. Jen was in her late twenties, had long dark hair and a smoking body. I was definitely not complaining that she was on the trip. Jen and I worked a lot together on projects so we had become quite close. The drive down was pretty uneventful. We had the typical topics of discussion, nothing to risqué. After all, we were on a business trip and wanted to keep it professional, at least for a while.

So we spent the day looking at property and got back to our hotel around 6. We were both pretty beat from the day. We agreed to go up to our respective rooms and get casual then meet for a bite to eat.

We met back in the lobby a half hour later. Jen had changed from her gray dress pants and sweater into some tight skinny jeans and a form fitting black shirt. We walked out of the hotel and down to a little gastro pub a few blocks from our hotel. We immediately ordered some drinks and toasted our successful day of work.

After a couple drinks we both “let our hair down” a little bit. She opened up to me about her most recent relationship which had been a broken engagement. I talked about problems I had with finding the right girl and so on. So we are our dinner and decided to head back to the hotel.

We got back to the lobby and Jen said, “hey let’s have one more!”

“Alright,” I said, “but it looks like they are closing”. So I ran up to the bar and asked he bar tender for 4 beers to go. I grabbed the beers and headed over to sit with Jen.

“Why don’t we just take these upstairs so we aren’t they only weirdos sitting in the lobby drinking on a Tuesday night. “ Jen said.

“Thats a great idea,” I said without much hesitation. Now admittedly I had a huge crush on Jen, but obviously had to keep it cool because we worked together. I tried my best to keep my excitement in check as we got on the elevator and headed to her room.

When we go to her room she kicked off her shoes and plopped down on the couch. She tapped the cushion next to her and motioned for me to join her. I took of my shoes while she cracked out the bottles of beer. We again started to talk about relationships and she admitted to me that she hadn’t had sex in 6 months. I was floored by this statement. I couldn’t believe this beautiful girl in front of me hadn’t been with anyone in that long. She started to tear up a bit so I put my hand on her thigh. As soon as I did, I felt an instant chemistry.

Jen put her had on my leg and began to lightly rub my thigh.

“You know, I know you stare at my ass in the office sometimes,” Jen said. I didn’t know how to react.

“Well you caught me. But can you blame me?” I said.

“I guess not” She said as she got up off the couch and shook her ass in my face.

She sat back down on the couch and leaned in closer to me. I leaned close and took her hands in mine. Then our lips met in an electric kiss. We started to make out and I pulled Jen on top of me. She was straddling me on the couch while we made out. All I could do was squeeze her amazing ass. I pulled her shirt over her head revealing a black lacy bra. Her cute tits being cupped perfectly by the bra. She pulled off my shirt and we continued to kiss. I put my hand down the back of her jeans to get to her ass. She got off me and took her pants off. She was wearing a matching black thong that perfectly accentuated her curves. I pulled my pants off and she quickly pulled my now hard cock through the hole in my boxers.

She got next to me on the couch and kissed me while she stroked my cock. Then she worked her way down to my cock kissing the whole way down. She inch by inch took me in her mouth. I squeezed her ass and played with her thong. Then I gradually worked my way to her pussy. She was already a little wet. I slowly worked her clit with my thumb and put a finger in her pussy. She started to moan with my cock in her mouth. She started to go deeper and deeper with every suck. Then she got up and stood in front of me. She slowly slid her thong down exposing her beautiful pussy. She had trimmed it down but not totally shaved it all off. I was now face to face with a small patch of hair. I slid my boxers off and she once again straddled me.

She slowly mounted me and slid her pussy lips up and down on my cock. It was such a tease, but felt amazing. She did this a few more times. While she was teasing my dick, I reached around to take off her bra. Finally, I was able to see this whole body. Her tits did not disappoint. They were small but very perky and round. Then Jen angled my cock and put the tip in her. She slowly worked her way down onto my cock until it was about half way in. Then she took the rest deep inside. She moaned loud as my head worked it’s way all the way past her lips. She bounced up and down on me for a few minutes. All the while I was squeezing her ass and kissing her tits.

Then I felt like I needed to take some control. I stood up still inside her and went over to the bed. She had her legs still wrapped around me while I slammed my cock deep inside her. I put my hand down between her legs and played with her clit. She almost immediately came. Then I told her I was getting close. She pushed me away and laid on her back with her head off the bed. Then she took me in her mouth and finished me off. I blew my load and she swallowed the whole thing. Then we climbed into her bed and cuddled for the next few hours.

This would just be the start of a fun little friendship her and I would have.

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