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Stories | 2016

The smirk that made me hard. [MF]

A little bit long, just a headsup. Plenty of backstory and detail.

Wife blows and then makes out with friend [MFM]

Ok guys as promised I had my wife write this from her view of the interaction. I really had to press her to write this so be nice please.

My husband and his friend and I have had a couple of sexual encounters before this night. The 3 of us met at a vacation rental apartment to hang out. We live out of town and don’t get to see each other very often. I think we were all hoping something would happen, but no one wanted to put any expectations or pressure on the evening.

Best Work Trip ever! [MF]

A few months ago I wrote for the first time in a few parts about the first few months of a 2+ year long threeway relationship with my wife and our girlfriend that I titled "Adventures in Threesomes.." This time I am going to write about the first business trip I took with our girlfriend while my wife stayed home encouraging us the whole time we were gone, so no threesomes this time, but still an amazing experience that I thought worthy of sharing. I am 6’0 200 lbs and Stacy is 5’0 with short hair in a petite size and large but proportional tits.

Sensory depravation. [MF]

A few years back after my wife and I had our first child our sex life began to suffer. Our daughter was premature which meant getting up and feeding her every 2 hours, every single night. We were putting ourselves through the ringer and when we had down time there was just no way we wanted to have some "up and down" time. My wife was also feeling insecure about her body and for the first time in our relationship she didn't like to be naked around me.

[MF] my GILF experience

Online dating can be a gift and a curse. Lots of wasted energy and money. Lots of wild memories. I was never really looking for a type of woman, more just a willing woman. But every once in a while you find a woman who you can’t believe exists. That was Annie.

I can’t remember how it started, but it started on POF. She was pretty so I messaged her back or first. I noticed where she lived, and I figured this would go no where. I wasn’t about to drive an hour for a date. It would just be fun to talk.