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Stories | 2016

Foursome [MF],[MF] with 3 creampies

Me and my gf Helen only join the "lifestyle" when we travel abroad. On this occasion we met a couple at "lifestyle friendly" bar. Helen was on her late 20s then. She is a petite redhead about 160 cm tall and I am not much taller than her, about 170, slim build and blonde, uncut too. We both have light colored eyes.

[MFM] Having Sex With My Husband Watching [Hotwife] [Group]

When I closed the door of the hotel room behind me, I heard the unmistakable sound of skin smacking skin, and the short, deep moans of sex.

I walked from the entry way to the bedroom.

There was my wife. Completely naked. Her ass jiggling as she rode up and down in slow deep motions. Two hands gripped her ass cheeks as she slid up and down the thick, raw cock of a man I'd never seen before.

I'm going to let her explain how it got there.

The Inception

[MF] First kinky experience with my girlfriend... [Role reversal]

Sooooo... the most pivotal moment in my sex life was definitely the time in my early twenties that my girlfriend started playing with my ass. We had been hooking up for a while and it was starting to turn from nothing more than a hot and heavy hookup to a serious relationship. We had really grown to trust each other over those couple of months.

[MF] Worshiping my mentor MILF

I have been writing about my mentor's affair with me. Earlier I wrote about: How I fucked her first time

[MF] Ass worshiping my mentor MILF

I have been writing about my mentor's affair with me. You can check my post history for previous stories.