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Stories | 2016

I had my first unexpected [FF] encounter - PART 2

Well, I've had an amazing week. I've been working on this update since the other day but it's been hard to find time to write sexy stories when you're busy having sexy times. Ohmygod I have had so much sex this week...

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My (f)irst threesome with a couple I met on Tinder [MFF]

So yesterday was a great day. I had my very first threesome with a couple I meet on tinder (my boyfriend and I recently opened up our relationship). When i first got there, the guy (Jacob) and I started to make out while we were waiting for his wife (Kristen) to get home. As we made out, my shirt came down and bra came off. He started taking my boobs out of my shirt to play with them. He pinched and sucked on my nipples. We then started taking his shirt off, then pants, and finally out came his cock.

A[F]ter 192 Hours & An 11 Hour Car Drive, I Loose [M]y Virginity

Since my last post had me boasting a little bit about my success of whiskey dick, I might as well flip the coin to show one of many times I was not so suave. Thank you to the people who read my last endeavor, I figured it’s hotter than shit outside and I need to relax so here's another. The story is “gonewild” but it’s more just a failure of my sexual prowess. As per normal feedback is welcomed and if it doesn’t get you going hopefully you can get at least get a laugh today.

Sharing Stacy [MF],[MFM]

After I helped Stacy get back at her now ex-boyfriend, Mike, we went back to being the best of friends who also really enjoyed having sex with each other. While Stacy and I both had sex with other people, we always went to each other when we wanted to try something for the first time. We were just more comfortable with sex between us. It was always good, relaxed, and enjoyable. Stacy gave me the honor of being the first dick in her ass back in our freshman year.

Losing [m]y [virginity] to the beauti[f]ul girl from the gym

First off, this turned out infinitely longer than I expected. I had intended to pretty much just share the basics of what happened, but I enjoy writing and since the whole thing was still fairly fresh and recent, that didn't go as expected. I hope some people will still want to read it.