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Stories | 2016

No school today so naughty slut teacher had some fun [MF]

So since I am a teacher I have Presidents Day off from work. I figured this would be the perfect day to play so I messaged Charles, a guy I have played with on a few occasions who has a nice, big 8 inch cock. I spent the morning prepping my ass, wearing a plug so that he could eventually fuck my tight asshole. While I was getting ready I sent him three options for outfits for me to wear. He decided on a black lace bodysuit that has a deep plunge to below my belly button. My tits easily pop out of this outfit so I also know this was perfect.

When I [F] am horny, keep an eye on your man. I will masturbate in front of him.

[F] Stuck home alone on a Sunday night so hit the wine to drown my sorrows. It wasn’t long before I was trolling through Reddit for sexy posts and feeling myself getting horny. Just about to strip off when a friend phoned to tell me her husband was poppy in to pick up some shoes I had promised she could borrow. He was on his way back from his Mum’s and I was on the way.

[MF] A night in the steam room

When I was younger I was pretty vanilla when it came to sex. I didn’t know about kink and BDSM. At 21 I dated an older woman…she was 28 and she was kind of kinky (so I thought at the time). We’d have sex in public places, I’d spank her a little and she’d give me great blowjobs.

[MF] Me [M] teasing and flirting with the boss [F]

Well, let me start by telling you that I [42M] love to get attention from attractive women. I don't pull out my cock in public, but I love to display my bulge. Some points of interest, I work around a lot of younger women. I also have a voracious sexual appetite. At any time of the day I am half erect. I love going to the urinal and pulling out my cock. I love the way it feels when it is freed from my slacks. The air hits it an instantly he gets hard. I do this before interacting with women. They ALWAYS look.

A spontaneous four way. [m][f][m][f]

This happened to me in February 2017 but I've only just discovered a place where it's appropriate to share! It still turns me on so much to recall this story and it may well be the most exciting thing to happen in my life.