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Stories | 2016

I'm A Devout Christian, But Into BDSM [MF] [Kink]

I’m Christian, and I’m pretty involved with my local church. I attend worship ever Sunday, and I help organise community events and fundraise. I’m also very submissive, and always have been. Even just in day to day life I hate having to take the lead on anything. I like it when a man takes control. And the idea of being spanked and told what to do turns me on. It also really, really makes me wet to think about being hurt while being fucked. Like being fucked so hard it hurts, or in the ass, because that’s quite painful for me. Other fetish stuff I’m not so keen on.

Helping Stacy Get Back at Her Boyfriend [MF] [Cheating]

A few weeks after Stacy and I returned to school from our freshman year spring break, she started dating this guy named Mike. While I was happy that my best friend was happy, I was also very sad to lose my fuck buddy. Over the summer, I would talk to Stacy a lot, and she would always tell me about how great Mike was and that she was in love. When we got back to school in August, Stacy and Mike were inseparable. I wasn’t upset about losing a fuck buddy anymore.

How a tall tale involving me [M] lead to one very unexpected sexy encounter [F] with a hot stranger

Ok I am not sure how r/gonewildstories worthy this is, but how and ever here it goes.

This is a story of how a bit of a tall tale lead me to one very interesting and hot situation involving a stunning girl, her unaware boyfriend and surrounded by a group of people. Some I knew, some I didn’t.

My first ever (and not the last) Gangbang [Group]

I created a reddit account just to tell this story of how I got my first ever gangbang with 3 guys in total. Not a lot in term of numbers but it was my first ever still.

At that time, I had 2 FWBs, who are good friend with each other and I have done plenty of 3somes with them, proposed to me randomly if I would like to have an extra guy as a gift for my birthday. It was something that I never actually was planning to do, never really had the thought of doing that in the future. But with my adventurous mind, I accepted.

My EX GF Chronicles Part 1 and 2 [MF] [Caught]

So first I want to say thank you for reading this. It helps me to write down these experiences. It brings back fond memories. There is more but I did not want to waste anyone's time unless they want them. Part 1 and 2 for now and there's a lot more I would like to share. I'm convinced she is and will be the best fuck I'll ever have.

Part 1. I Missed Her