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Stories | 2016

[Group][CFNM][CMNM][Exhibitionist] Working as a Model patient for a medical school

TRUE STORY. I was looking for a job and decided to do nude art modeling for the college. It paid $15/hr. When I applied and emailed them that I was 18 years old, HR asked me if I'd be interested in another job called 'model patient' for $50/hr? 1-2 hours a day, 4 days a week.

Post Gang Bang Cream Pie [F]

This story is a bit of a cheat as it is more about a friend of mine rather than me. I was just there to witness it.

[MFF] Me and My Girlfriend... The swan song [Part One]

For those who are unfamiliar with my stories, click on my username and find the previous stories that led up to this point. Please read those before you read this.

To my current readers, this is going to be a very long story that I started writing since the encounter happened in the beginning of December. I have re-written parts of it because as I read through it, the story got away from me and it felt like reading a cheap porno novel. I wanted to restore the excitement but not go overboard so I took my time re-writing everything.

Jell-O wrestling then a redhead. [MFF]

Reneé is a little embarrassed about this. All these years later she says, "I cannot believe I did that". It still makes her smile though.

My tour of shore duty was almost up, her time on that ship was coming to an end as well. I managed to get a six month extension on condition I reenlisted again which we both planned on doing anyway. This gave us time to find orders together on some base. We hoped for a return to Norfolk but we both ending up taking orders to San Diego.

[MF] Painting a blank canvas

I wake up, my head pounding.

I open my eyes. I'm in the spare bedroom. That can't be good.

I wonder what happened last night.

In truth I can't even remember getting home. The last thing I remember is being in the bar.

I open my phone.

No messages.

I hear my girlfriend moving around in the room next door.

Dare I get up?

I get up and bump into her on the landing.

'How are you feeling?' she asks me, her tone somewhat frosty.

'Rough,' I admit.