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Stories | 2016

[TM] Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

It was a dark and stormy night as I drove down River Street next to the trolley tracks into Milton. I went over the river, and through the woods with the radio on. I was going to meet a man who was Dominant, and had put a personal ad online. He wanted a 'submissive cocksucker' who would dress in sexy lingerie. He would 'train' someone to do things the way he liked. I answered.

It started with a like on Instagra[MF] [Cheating] [Long]

I dated Daniela about for about 5-6 months and it was the most frustrating relationship I ever had. It was frustrating because I mostly hated her but she was incredibly hot and the sex was addictive. To be honest, she probably hated me too.

What watching sissy hypnosis has done to me over the years... [MM]

I think I first came across sissy hypnos a few years ago when I was 16, and the very first time I watched a hypnosis video, I thought it was really disgusting stupid; I mean, how could this convert me into a sissy? But then I chanced upon them more and more, and the more I watched, the more I got into it. I started out simple - I stole and dressed up in my aunt’s and my sister's panties and bras while listening to feminization clips.

We meet Jasmine [MFF]

For the better part of 1990 and most of 1991 I was gone. Between training, routine deployments and the Gulf War, my ship was away from our home port for over 14 of the next 19 months. Somewhere in the attic there is a box of hand written letters from those final eight months. We wrote each other once a week but they were long letters, six to sometimes 12 pages long. Kinky stuff too, it seemed we tried to out do the other in outrageousness towards the end. We should probably burn a few of those before they're found.

[MF] The trip to Vegas that turned into much more

Years ago in Vegas, I met a girl. We had a lot of fun and continued dating after I left Vegas. As we were getting to know each other when the conversation of work came up she apprehensively told me she was a camgirl. Now I've come across cam sites and have watched the free shows but never paid.