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Stories | 2016

Part 1: Making my gf an online slut [MF][Exhibitionism]

I met Sarah in mid 2007 and it was love at first sight, well at least for me. She was 5’7”, Asian with perky tits and a great ass. Beautiful, sexy and smart. Everything you could ask for in a girl. We were really close friends until she moved to Singapore to study. I was madly in love with her and convinced her somehow to have a long distance relationship.

The time difference was terrible, the calling was expensive but we made it work. I loved her and she was mine that was all that mattered. Almost...

My first [Group] experience

My girlfriend and I were invited to Las Vegas for a fun weekend away. My friend Aaron and his wife, Brittany, were going to Vegas to spend a weekend partying and were staying at her mom’s house while they were on vacation out of state. Of course, my girlfriend Chelsea and I were excited to party in Vegas without paying for a room. Aaron and Brittany had also invited John, who was single, and Katie who’s husband could not make it due to work. All of us in our mid twenties. The house was incredible.

[MFM] The Wild Night Continues: Passionate Threesome (Part 2)

This continues to the night we had with Rupert while on vacation this month. Read Part 1 Here

Break Time

It was still pretty early, and we were all still rearing to go, so we decided to keep the night going - which is something we don't always, or even usually, do. My husband and Rupert decided to go get some snacks and drinks and I needed a shower to cool off, clean up, and resettle a bit.