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Stories | 2016

Surprise threesome makes me realize I'm bi [MMF]

I had met Britney and Eric through some mutual friends a year earlier. I was 22, in college, and had taken a liking to them since they were a ton of fun to be around and my roommates at the time weren't much for drinking and partying. On this night, they had had a small house party at their apartment and most of the other guests had gone home for the night. We decided to keep drinking and having fun since their daughter was at Eric's mom's house for the weekend, so we didn't have to keep the noise down.

My college professor saw my hard cock as I was jerking off to her [MF]

This happened a few years ago during my junior year of college, I was 21 at the time. It was the end of the semester and I had to go to my professors office to discuss some of my final project. This was a professor that I was always really attracted to. She was a milf about in her late 30s. She was a thin red head with thick thighs and a thick ass. It was late in the day as I walked to her office which was located in a separate building. Being busy with finals and having a roommate that never left the room, I hadn't had a chance to jerk off in a few days.

[MF] Story of a partially satisfied Hotwife! (Real story, but first attempt at writing one) [exhibition]

Our first attempt at sharing a real life story.

Part 1

We have been in the lifestyle for past 2 years - having tried swinging and hot-wifing. We have been together for more than a decade.

She invited a long time crush (lets call him Tom) to our place. They know each other since high school, and became close friends since we moved to San Francisco. She has always made it fairly clear to me since we entered the lifestyle that Tom would be her ultimate fuckbuddy, if that ever happens.

[M]y wi[f]e helps me fulfill a long-time fetish [kink]

I'm a straight male, but for the longest time, one of my biggest turn-ons has been wearing panties. There's something about the combination of the variety they offer, how comfortable they can be, and how much of a taboo it is that just gets me going. With such a fetish, I've always wanted to either have sex or receive a blowjob while wearing a sexy pair. And a few weeks ago, that's exactly what happened.

I [F]uck two guys in one night, I guess I'm insatiable

First Act

I moved my hips to brush my ass against the front of his pants, feeling the heat of his breath against my bare neck. His hand encircled my bony waist as we lay quietly on the mattress. We could hear the music thumping outside the door.

"Careful," I teased him, "You're turning me on." He resumed nibbling at my ear as his fingers went exploring.

"It is my birthday," he purred into my hair.

"And what's a birthday without a blowjob?" I completed the idea. "When?"