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Stories | 2016

Surprising daddy with a [f]uck in the park

Warning: this is a loooong post and the first bit is the backstory. Edit: I forgot to say, PMs are completely welcome

So this whole encounter started with this craigslist posting I made:

[MT] Some kinky cum swapping & frozen loads w/my college trans-girlfriend Meg. [kink]

You guys gave me such good feedback on my first post, so I thought I'd post one more. It's a bit kinkier than last time, but what the hell.

So I dated a transwoman in college named Meg, and as I mentioned in the last story, and our first time doing anything sexual together, we 69'd, came in each other's mouths, and cum swapped our loads.

[FM] Till Next Time

I ran his doorbell, rested my face on the white round handle waiting, I was feeling a bit of melancholy as this would be the last meet for a while, but crashed the building door into a stranger. Oops.

He pops out of his place half naked, a big infectious smile on his face.

We chitchat for a while, complain about stress while I enjoy his eyes hungry on me.

[MF] [forced] punish me - ms. carter

Rough sex. Public sex. Forced sex. I experienced all three a week ago. I can’t remember the last time I orgasmed so much to the point where I didn’t know if I was covered in my cum, his cum, or both.

The Shy Girl [MF] and the Yuppie Couple [MFM]

So I was fortunate enough to have a couple unbelievably hot encounters this last week. The first with a rather shy girl in my car outside her house, and the second with a young couple adding a third for the first time.