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Stories | 2016

[FM] Fucked the gym guy

I love the gym and working out. At my college gym, there’s a couple guys I’ve noticed that workout around the same time as me. Now I’m usually too focused on my workout to really notice anyone or care. And besides, I usually look like a hot mess, I’m sweaty, out of breath, and my eyeliner is smudged. For reference, I’m 5’4 and 110lbs, have long dark wavy hair, brown eyes, 32d tits, and a firm ass.

pour some sugar on me (pt 1/?) [MF][bondage][age gap]

This story is not for everyone. It features a big age and attractiveness gap and a sugar daddy/baby arrangement. Please refrain from commenting negatively; I'm comfortable with my choices, despite knowing they're not everyone's cup of tea. PMs are OK, but please keep that guideline in mind. Thanks, and hope you enjoy.

[MF] Guy I'm seeing invited me to a local sex positive club. [public]

Tom and I have hooked up a couple times in different situations, but the last time got awkward and he started dating someone, Tom is also a bit older than me.

It had been a few months since we’d even talked at work, and one day a few people were drinking at the bar near our office, and Tom was there. We started talking, apparently he’d met this girl, they’d gotten engaged, and broke it off all in a few months. Felt bad for him cause he’s a genuinely nice guy.

She had a surprise planned for me. [FFM]

I've been a LONG time reader of this sub, but have never posted, but shit, I have to write this down while it's still fresh - hottest fucking night of my life.

Within 1 month of casual dating, I took my Korean girlfriend from virgin to 3-hole cumslut [MF]

Every Saturday, I volunteer at an animal shelter. I love animals, but especially cats. This cute, friendly Korean girl was always working there when I was there, and after a few weeks, I asked her out to dinner. I had assumed she was older, but it turned out she was 19, 6 years younger than me, but whatever.