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Stories | 2016

[MMF] My first threesome

I responded to her craigslist ad. A typical horny girl ad asking for sex asap where you're never sure if it's fake or not because of the lack of effort to write more than one sentence knowing she will receive tons of replys. I had time to lose so why not. To my great surprise I received a reply that was not spam with a pic in bonus. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy because I didn't have sex for days and was horny like never. On top of that she was hot and seemed a bit kinky because she wanted to have sex in complete darkness before we even see each other.

A fantasy of my wife [MFM] [MFF] [MF]

I didn't want to post this on my main account so I made a new one for this.

Me: 36y man, 5'7", a lean physique, dark short hair. She: 36y, 5'8", a normal physique, blond-brown long hair, sexy pronounced hips, B cup. We are together for more than 18 years and are both our first love. This story happened in 2016.

I hope I did a good enough job off describing the evening. It was way harder than I thought, (and english is not my native language).

Some background:

The [M]arried Woman Who I [F]ucked Pt.1

Let's call her Lily, because she reminds me of Lily Thai. She's a petite Filipina, long black hair hanging down to her back dimples, small b cup, slight abs and overall muscle tone, and had a firm, toned ass. To give you some backstory, I only knew her online for years. She was a friend of a friend, and we exchanged messages and texts for a while. Eventually, we had phone sex once or twice, exchanged pictures, all the basic sexy fun stuff.

[MFM]My first and goddamn last tranny experience.[MFM]

So, I'm a straight 19 year old male (save your "no you're not you poofy queer" comments for someone else) who enjoys the odd tinder session every now and again. Now, I'm not one of those guys who swipes right on every elephant that happens to stampede onto my screen. It's a careful process for me. I've never spent a cent on tinder and I've never had the pain of running out of likes (I'm harsh, and a bit of cunt).

Warehouse Quickie [MF] [Public]

Back with another public sex story. Check my post history for my previous stories. Synopsis: we were a very horny couple, myself with a penchant for public sex and skilled at turning Adam on to the idea – though prior to the time of this story, we hadn’t yet had sex in public. Brief description; 5’ 7”, long, wavy hair, D cup breasts and a small perky ass.