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Stories | 2016

[MF] Passionate blowjob

The key turned in our apartment door, a little jiggle, a tease, then it opened.

She giggled and dropped her purse just over the threshold, kicking her heels off as the door swung lazily shut

I put down my glass of port and greeted her at the door. "You're home late" I teased.

"Out with the girls after work" she smiled back

I didn't mind where she went, she was her own person, but I was glad she was home then. I kissed her, she embraced me and reached for my package. I laid my hand over hers and rubber her on me

We met at a church function [FF][MM][MMFF]

We were introduced to Gary and Shelly six months after I moved to Georgia with my wife. We met them at, of all places, a church function.

The time I fucked my friend's friend next to a dumpster [MF]

So this is not my classiest moment, but it's definitely one of my favorites. It's from a few years ago now from when I was living in Boston for a bit. Details changed all over for obvious reasons. I had just moved to the city and I was staying at my uncle's place-- important for the story later.

Our first threesomes with my BF and his best friend (pics inside) (also videos of me). What do you think? Would love to answer your questions [FMM]

Hello everybody so I wanted to share with you all my first ever threesome with an other guy and the second one that followed a few weeks later. Some of you may know me from my previous stories and post. The beginning of this story has been previously posted here but I share it again so that you get the whole story in one single post.