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Stories | 2016

Hello, Officer [m/m]

I'll try to provide as much detail without giving away critical details that could identify me or the other guy.

Our best threesome ever (mfm)

This is the story of the best threesome my fiancé and I ever had. It wasn't the first or the last, but I'm not sure we'll ever be able to top it.

[mm]y last installment in this story... and that's how you know it's true...

Way back when I started posting this story, I told you that you could tell it was true because it started off weird.

Another way you can tell it's true is because it ends, eventually.

The day after Paul's Halloween party was actually Halloween. He texted me that morning and told me about a bar, about forty-five minutes' drive, that was supposed to throw truly raging holiday parties. Dollar shots, slutty waitresses, the whole deal. He asked if I wanted to go, I told him I was totally up for that.

My First Experience As A Bull (m/m/f) (xpost from r/cuckold)

Figured some of you might get a kick out of this, so I'm gonna take some time before my morning workout to type this out. All the names here have been changed, in order to maintain some level of privacy for those involved. Also, everyone was 18 when this happened. My parents worked long hours, and as such, I had the house to myself for long stretches of time. I’m 27 now; I’ll admit to reconstructing the dialogue from memory, but it may not be word-for-word. If anyone had questions, I’ll be glad to answer them. :)