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Stories | 2016

Out of town fuck with my hungry gf and another guy. [MFM]

Edit: Any suggestions on improving the writing style or any questions are very welcome.

Since dating Sarah, I've had some of the most amazing sex in my life. We've only dated for a few months, but each together was absolutely fantastic. Bondage and anal (and often those two together) and some of her favorite things to do. She went on a business trip out-of-state, and since I can telecommute for work, I joined her for a week. There's something about being far from home that frees you to do things - things that you wouldn't really consider doing at home.

Stacy's Bet - part 3 - Tub Time - xposted - water sports, bondage, enema

This is the continuation of a story about an ex named Stacy who liked to rile me up or irritate me as a way of getting me to dominate and hurt/humiliate her.

Part 1 and 2 can be found at -


Warning – this part of the story includes water sports and an enema. It includes what could be viewed as interrogation bits with threats of violence and “brown showers”. There are no brown showers, only threats of them.


Part 3 – Stacy's Bet – Tub Time

Extreme pain slut continued

As we drove towards town Penny asked if we could go to the bar just a few doors down from her house? "I very much want to have everyone that knows me see that you are my Master and the person that treats me the way I need to be"

"I guess maybe it sounds strange to ordinary people, but since you became my Master and understand my needs I have started feeling alive and understood"

Merry Christmas Eve - M/F

Christmas Eve, early afternoon.

We were home, I playing PS4, she was reading. She calls out "I'm going to case you want to, too." I look back, she's naked, holding a towel against her chest. She drops the towel down, winks at me and smirks.

She's got fantastic tits and she knows it. She's tall - like 5'9, blonde, large C cup with big blue eyes and a little extra weight all distributed to the perfect places with the perfect proportions. She knows she's got me.

Sex With a Former Friend's Sister

STORY IS M/F! Forgot to put it in the title. Sorry guys.

I post this story with a heavy heart, because I was into this girl and still sorta am. A combination of the age difference and lack of interest in a relationship did it in for me. But I digress, nobody wants to read this for those reasons.