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Spanking [MF][D/s] | 2016

Whenever I️ go and visit my Dom he lets me work for him. My job is simple and we get to spend time together while he works. He runs shit so majority of his time is spent bossing people around and handling clients. My job is simple. I️ am to sit underneath his desk and suck him off the entire time. I am to suck him no matter who is in the room or what is going on. I am only allowed to stop when he says kumquat.

His desk is custom made and has hooks for handcuffing subs like me to the desk. The leg room down there is spacious enough to hide a slut. I️ enjoy being under his desk there licking his cock while he handles business. My favorite part is when I️ try to make him moan or groan while he's talking. I️ like to see him keep his cool in conversations even though I️ am slobbering on his cock.

I️ decided, one of the days, to test him and learned a lesson. That day began like most days. We walked into the building and were greeted by employees. I️ followed him back to his large office. I️ sat down on one of the leather love seats while he went over the agenda. He always tells me how long I️ will be under the desk and makes sure I'm okay with it. That day was 2 hours and 15 minutes and like always I️ happily agreed.

So like usual I️ went to his desk, got on my knees, and scooted underneath it. He grabbed my left wrist, locked the handcuffs, and repeated it again on my right. He bent down underneath the desk and gave me a long kiss. He brushed my hair back and called me "His Dearest Slut" as he always does. Then he stood up and began to unzip his pants. He reached down and grabbed his glorious cock. Before sitting down he gave it a tug and rubbed his balls. One last time he asked me if I was ready to start the day and my answer was still the same. So he sat back in his thick leather chair and wheeled it to the table.

I️ hear the door open and him greet the first person, my time started. I️ started slowly that day. I️ think I️ was excited to suck him for so long that I️ wanted to savor every moment. I️ took the tip of my tongue and danced around the head of his cock. The drool from my tongue pooled on my stockings. I️ could feel the moisture on my skin. I️ perched my lips out and kissed his cock from the base to the tip. I could feel him begin to get restless with my teasing but I️ didn't stop.

I️ took my tongue to the base of his dick and licked it slowly all the way to the tip and place the head in my mouth. I️ gave it a quick slurp and went back to licking the ridges of his cock. By now his cock was swollen and he wanted to be sucked. He conveyed that message by grabbing the back of my neck underneath the desk and forcing my mouth on his cock. My mouth began to fill with spit as his cock choked me, this was a warning.

I️ kept quiet but continued to tease my Dom. Looking back I'm not sure why but I️ wish I️ would have just done my simple job instead of teasing him.

I️ continue to lick his cock like an ice cream in summer. He grabs my neck and forces it down on his cock again. This time he holds it long and begins to pump his groin into my throat. He lets me go and pinches my nose; a sign that lets me know I'm close to trouble. Instead of being a good girl I️ continue to tease his cock. I️ suck the head of his cock with my mouth and curl my lips. I️ swirl my tongue around his head with long strong pulls and then flick it fast once I️ reach the top. Dragging and pulling my salvia up and down is member. Afterwards I️ dip back down and suck on the head.

I️ am so focused on teasing him now that I️ don't even pay attention to the people anymore. I️ want his attention and I️ want it bad. But before I could lick him again I️ feel his cock yank away from me. He tucks it in his pants and scoots back. He grabs my left wrist, unlocks it, and does the same with the right.

I️ am confused but follow his hand up and out from underneath the desk. When I️ stand up I️ realize his bothers are sitting in the two loveseats in the room. I️ greet them with an embarrassed look hoping they are unaware of what I️ was doing.

Before I️ could think another thought he pinned me down. My chest to the desk and his hands on my head and back all in front of his brothers. The thought of that and what might possible come next made me wet. I️ felt his hands underneath my skirt as he peeled it up off my ass. He stood behind my bent ass and said to the entire room "Sorry about that, my slut isn't suck correctly. I️ need to discipline her " And with the end of the sentence began the beginning of my spankings. Each time I️ could hear the wind break past the side of his palms as he clapped my ass again and again. I️ closed my eyes. I️ was too embarrassed to look anywhere else. Slap after slap he punished my bottom. I could not see him nor anticipate when he would strike. He went from long strong hits to short quick taps. I️ remember trying to move to avoid his smacks but his grip was firm and I️ could not move. I remember feeling so horny while he was smacking my ass. I enjoyed knowing his brothers were watching me and that he corrected me when i was wrong.

After what seemed like an eternity he finally asked if I️ was going to behave. I️ quickly replied yes sir and the slaps turns into kisses. He rubbed my sore bottom and kissed the tender marks on my ass. I️ apologized and he sat in his chair and held me in his arms. He continued to caress my ass while he finished the meeting with his brothers. Once they left he informed me I️ still had an hour and thirty minutes left and he asked me if I️ would like to redeem myself. I️ replied I️ would love to and dropped to my knees. He once again gave me a long kiss and locked my hands underneath the desk.

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