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Mixing hiking a mountain and hot sex [MF] | 2016

Several years back I responded to a craigslist ad written by a woman wanting to “celebrate life” by “doing something out of the ordinary.” Because she had posted under “casual encounters” I presumed she was seeking something that included sex. While she was a bit older than me (she was 47), the fact that she listed herself as 5’11” with an “athletic build” piqued my interest enough to respond to her listing.

Even though she had posted 17 days before, I still responded by telling her that I love to hike local mountains. I wanted to mix my love of hiking that with a nice lunch at the summit along with some physical intimacy.

She actually responded and she liked the idea. We spent the next several days trading anonymous craigslist emails describing our desires. When it came to trading photos, Fiona declined due to “professional reasons.” Normally that would have been a red flag, but I enjoyed the dialogue which had become quite personal and erotic. The result was we finally decided to meet at the trailhead of a local mountain.

Other than her being fairly literate, 47, and 5’11” with an athletic body, I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t even heard her voice.

I got to the trailhead first and as expected, it was totally deserted. While this hike isn’t overly long, it is quite strenuous – not a favorite of casual day hikers. I had the tailgate down on my Ford pickup, checking my gear one final time when a silver, full-sized Mercedes sedan pulled up and parked on the far side of the trailhead.

The car didn’t fit what I was expecting nor did the woman. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman that might have been 5’11”, but everything else seemed wrong. Her hair was in a formal French braid and her clothes were what I would describe as REI frump. She popped the trunk on her car and retrieved her own daypack. I took one final look and decided it couldn’t be her and I went back to my gear check.

A good ten minutes later she walked over my way and as she approached she said “Tom”? I looked up and replied with a smile and said “Fiona”? She nodded yes, as I chuckled and offered her my hand which she shook. I apologized for not being more attentive.

This woman truly was different than what I had expected. Her natural facial beauty had been attenuated by the rigors of serving for years as a CFO for a large company. Her hairdo, skin tone and perfect nails made it clear that she rarely got out of the city and her frumpy clothes made it impossible to gauge her body with any accuracy.

We chatted for several minutes and while the tone was more than cordial, it was completely devoid of any heat. Finally she said “I really should be going, I have some errands to run.” Feeling a touch of relief I responded with “It was really nice to meet you in person” as I offered my hand one final time. With that I slid on my pack and nodded to her saying “have a good one.”

She seemed rather disappointed and asked “you’re still going up?” I said it was one of my favorite hikes and that I was indeed going to tackle it. She asked if she could tag along and I said of course she could -- that was the original plan, right?

It really is a steep hike and I said we needed to go slow. She could take the lead and I would follow in case she slipped and I had to arrest her fall. Off we went.

As we hiked I took my mind off the grind by checking out her butt and legs – a task made difficult by her baggy hiking pants. Based on how well she was moving, it was clear she worked out. In any event her bottom seemed OK – womanly and well proportioned.

We were both breathing hard from the rigor of the hike when she asked me to take the lead. As I passed her I gave her the once over and she seemed fine, just a bit tired. As we talked it became clear that we were very different people. She was politically far more liberal than I. She was more of a pinot noir rather than beer drinker and her bearing was that of a female CFO in a man’s world and not a sexy woman “woman wanting to `celebrate life’ by “doing something out of the ordinary.”

We finally reached the first logical rest point. Both sweating and panting, we eagerly drank some water and nibbled on pretzels when she said “I need to shed a layer.” Off came her frumpy REI top exposing a gorgeous, rather large pair of breasts restrained by a tight, turquoise blue Nike sports bra. Even more impressive were her abs – she really was in shape!

Even her milky white skin had strong allure that was undeniable. We shared our first physical touch when she asked me to rub some sunscreen on her shoulders and lower back. Her skin was extremely soft and feminine to the touch and made me wish our original plans of physical intimacy had not went awry.

Once hydrated and sunscreened, we were back on the trail -- I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous upper body. As the hike turned into more of a climb, I didn’t hesitate to put my hands on her waist or bottom to steady her ascent with no negative response coming from her.

When we finally hit the second rest spot it was my turn to take off my high tech hiking shirt leaving me in a sweaty, heather gray t-shirt. That seem to grab her attention but I couldn’t tell if it was me or my copious sweating?

Seemingly in response she pulled off her baggy and unbecoming hiking pants to reveal that she was wearing skintight Spandex workout shorts also by Nike. I could feel myself almost gasp. Her ass was absolutely gorgeous in the sexiest of ways. This was no “little boy’s butt.” This was a perfectly formed, womanly butt that looked as if it had been lovingly sculpted from flawless hot pink marble by one of the Masters.

I said she looked unbelievably hot, with a smile coming in response. It was time for us to gear-up to make our final push to the summit. She stopped me and said it was “only fair” that I remove my hiking shorts – she said she could see the ends of my spandex compression shorts. I explained my red compression shorts were my underwear that day, and that I had nothing else on underneath. This hardened business woman then giggled like a middle-schooler and said “neither do I.”

Fair enough. I took off my hiking shorts to reveal my bright red (sale priced!) spandex trunks – once again by Nike, replete with a huge, embarrassingly noticeable bulge that was getting larger by the second. She smiled and took the lead.

I decided to feel her up as we hiked to see if she was now into it? As I playfully slapped or touched her delicious and oh so firm bottom she just smiled and giggled. This play went on for quite some time. Two hundred yards from the summit she stepped to the side of the trail – a signal that I was supposed to take the lead.

As I passed her she stepped in right behind me and began to rub her body against the back of mine. We were both sweaty and panting from the hike and her efforts made things even hotter.

I could feel her pressing her full, luscious boobs into my back and her hot breath on my neck as we finally crested the summit. I turned around and we locked in tight embrace, sharing a very deep and salty French kiss.

Taking her right hand I placed it on my now rock-hard cock that was constrained only by a thin layer of red spandex. We continued to kiss as she began to stroke me with her perfectly manicured, soft right hand. It felt absolutely fantastic.

With a smile she said “I want to kiss your cock.” Feeling brave I replied “I want to fuck you!” She smiled widely as we scurried off on a desolate side trail. I took off my shorts and shirt, folded them nicely and placed them as padding on a rock shaped like a chair and took a seat.

She slipped off her shorts and bra exposing a freshly waxed, totally hairless pussy and two beautiful aureolas. She turned and began to lower herself. I stopped her long enough to wetly kiss her gorgeous ass and tongue her crack -- I could feel her entire body shiver. I then gulped with anticipation as she sat in my lap with her back to my chest. I could feel her unbelievably tight/hot/wet pussy envelop my cock. Once I was balls-deep inside of her I became alarmed. I frantically told her to stop, don’t move! The intense feeling of her pussy almost made me cum on contact. As I soaked inside of her, I continued to swell and soon I was back under control.

I reached around and began rubbing her clitoris in tiny circles as our bodies swayed in unison. I could feel her cum as her pussy pulsated around my steel-hard cock. She stood-up, turned around and then slowly sat down again on my now purple hard cock.

I eagerly sucked on her perfect nipples and tongue as our two bodies slowly rocked. Ever so slowly I could feel myself building to a climax. I was overcome with passion when I croaked “take my seed you sexy wench!” as I felt my entire body spasm and shake as it begin to pump spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her body. She replied with a breathless “fill me, big daddy!” which drove me completely over the edge.

My orgasm was so intense that she actually became frightened. She thought I had experienced a seizure of some kind. Once I finally regained my composure, a few minutes of kissing, touching and flirting was all it took for us to share in the intense pleasures of intercourse once more with even grander results.

The hike and the fucking had turned me to Jello. Sensing that Fiona still had some unmet need, we got dressed and traversed across the mountain to a place known as “Jacob’s Throne” – a throne carved out of the stone of the mountain by a sculptor named Jacob at the beginning of the last century.

I helped Fiona slip out of her spandex shorts and bra one final time before she took her place on the polished granite throne -- Queen Fiona clad only in hiking shoes and socks. Arms on the armrests and legs draped over my back as I knelt down and buried my face deep between her legs.

The thrill of feeling her erupt with one orgasm after another was an experience I will never forget. Maybe the best feeling of all was when she softly pushed by head away and said “I’m done, I can’t take anymore.”

As I stood up, she pulled down my own shorts and gently gave me the blow job she had first offered me what seemed like hours before. The feeling of her ever so gently sucking my balls into her mouth almost brought me to my knees. Within minutes I shot my third and final load into her breasts which she had cupped around my cock.

As I sit here and type, I have to smile. Fiona and I have made that hike once a month since we first met. This month (January 2018) will be our 46th trip…

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