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[MF] Our first time not having to rush. | 2016

For a long time I have wanted to contribute to this subreddit. Whether I've just been shy or what not I have never gotten the nerve, but tonight seems like as good as any. This is an older story of mine of me and my high school sweetheart, Jess, a week or so after graduating high school. I still remember every detail of this night like it was yesterday.

First off, this is not a story of how we lost our virginity with one and other. Like everyone else our first time was a mess and left a lot to be desired. We had been together from our freshman year. Her mother was the over protective type. Through high school she was never allowed out to late.Never allowed to crash at friends houses. Most of our sexual experiences happened in the back of my Toyota 4Runner at the end of dates that ended a little to early for our age. This is the story of our first time together not having to worry about getting caught and just being able to enjoy each other.

Jess was just over five feet tall. She had huge anime-like green eyes and long rich chestnut hair that flowed down her back.She was as pale as can be and her skin was flawless not a single blemish except for a small birthmark behind her left ear. She was curvy in just the right places. A solid B cup pushing C and an absolutely phenomenal butt that still get me going. On the night in question she was decked out in a long sleeved grey and black striped shirt and a paisley white mini skirt.

I on the other hand and am far less to look at. I'm over six feet and then some. Broad shouldered and muscular, but honestly had a bit of stomach. Nothing to laugh at, but it was always something I was at least self conscious of. I had a full head of bushy brown hair, the type you always hear moms telling their kids to get cut. At the time I thought it looked cool. Anyways. Enough about me.

It was the first Saturday after graduation weekend. My elder sister had called my mother asking if she would mind making the drive out to her house to watch my recently born niece. She was hoping to take her fiance out for a night just the two of them. My mother was more then happy to oblige. She loved getting to spend anytime with her grandchild and was out the door almost before she could finish telling me she would be back the following day.

Immediately I started scheming. I would have everyone over and have the first big party of our senior summer. I was not a bad kid, honest. My group of friends and I were lame in the coolest way possible. We didn't vandalize things. We didn't do hard drugs. We drank a little, but honestly we'd probably spend most of the night drinking, eating pizza, blasting music a bit to loud, and spending our time playing Mario Kart or Super Smash.

I texted Jess my plan. A few mins went by and then my phone lit up. "My mom just got called away on an unexpected business trip. I'm alone for the weekend."

Instantly that plan was out the window. After some texting back and forth we decided she would come over to my place for the evening. The rational even if we did get caught my mother was not the type who would be upset.

At a quarter to eight I heard a knock at my kitchen door. There she was beaming. "I don't think I've ever seen this place so clean. It's like you were expecting somebody" She teased sitting her bag down on the counter and making her way into the den. I laughed and followed her into the den.

We had this old blue cashmere love seat in the corner of the den. It was massive. If you removed the back cushion from it it was just smaller then a queen size bed. We both got situated flipping on Comedy Central and before you knew it our eyes were no longer on the TV.

The make out session that followed had to be one for the ages. It felt like it would last forever. From small hot quick pecks, to long slow tongue twisters. It wasn't long before she was straddling me and I was kissing my way down her neck my hands roaming under her top as she moaned.

In one fluid motion her top and bra flew off and hit the floor. Immediately one hand made it's way to her breast and my mouth found its way to the other one. There we were having this goddess of a girl grinding herself to me and there was the first shudder. A quick note about Jess. She cums really easily. I know a lot of you are going to think that's bullshit, but swear to God it was true and it was always hot. She bit my shoulder as she continued to shudder not slowing down for a second.

As the shudders began to subside I felt her start tugging at my shirt and pulling it over my head. Almost simultaneously I felt her other hand reaching down and tugging at my fly. After a few valiant tugs it sprang open and she was able to pull me out rock hard. I was just over six inches and fairly girthy. Nothing to write home about, but it has served me well. The moment her hand squeezed around my cock I groaned. My mouth had still been on her tits, but now I found my head resting between them as I moaned with each jerk my hands both squeezing her ass.

She was whispering in my ear asking me if I was enjoying myself as she slowly moved her hand back and forth. Almost to slow, but still just enough to make me beg for it. She pushed me back on the cushion and began to kiss down my neck and chest. All the meanwhile her hand never stopping, but just continuing her slow pace.

As she made her was lower down my chest she slid to the floor, pulling my pants off with her, and now I could see my cock with perfect breasts on either side and her giving me the most dazzling smile. "You seem to be enjoying yourself" she teased. I let out a small moan in reply as she gave my cock a small kiss and a nibble. "How bad do you want it?" Before I could reply she took my head in her mouth and had given her tongue a whirl.

I thought I might lose it right there. I ran my hand through her hair as she began bobbing up and down, her tongue like a contortionist hitting every part that mattered both up and down. I was writhing in pleasure, but I had to stop her. We had the whole night in front of us for the first time ever. I couldn't blow it so early.

Gently I pulled her up so that she was standing in front of me. She looked confused as I tossed the giant back pillow to the love seat on the ground. I turned back to her and dropped the lacy black thong under her miniskirt.

Immediately as though understanding she tried to climb on ready to get to the main course. I surprised her by scooting down so that my back was flat on the couch and pulling her on top of me so that her knees were on either side of my head. She grabbed the back of the love seat as I drank in her aroma and immediately went to town.

Back when I was still learning how it all worked I had googled how tips. No shame. The most common thing I saw was to spell words with your tongue and see what really got your girl going. As I said we'd been together awhile I knew what would make my lady sing. I was thoroughly enjoying myself running one hands finger tips up and down her side and lower back while the other tweaked her nipples little by little. I could feel it coming. Her grinding was pressing hard and harder onto my mouth.

With almost a scream Jess broke into her second orgasm of the night. Her whole body shaking as she squeezed the back of the couch so hard her knuckles turned white. That wasn't enough for me though I kept going hoping to get an after shock going. To my surprise as she caught her breath she pulled a fast one on me. In an elegant twist she had completely turned herself around. She was now facing the TV and I had a feeling I knew where this was going.

I only broke contact for a moment as I moaned into her. Her lips had closed back in around me and there we were both enjoying each other full on 69ing. Nothing could be hotter. I had never seen her do something quite like that and it really had gotten me going as I continued to make sure she was equally taken care of.

Like our first make out session this could have lasted for hours for all I knew. I had lost track of time. All I knew was we were enjoying the hell out of each others bodies. I had almost relaxed into the act before realizing I should have been focusing a little harder on myself. Before I could even give a warning there was a surge from down below and it was too late. I came and I came hard.

My hips were bucking. For the moment I stopped what I was doing and just enjoyed the orgasm. Most amazingly it hadn't even caught Jess off guard. She had coughed a little bit, but like the champion she was managed to swallow my full load before continuing to clean me up a bit.

She climbed off of me and smiled sweetly. I kind of grinned at her sheepishly. Apologizing for not giving her warning and not holding out for us to have sex. Her next words were music to my ears. "I thought the whole point of tonight was that we have all night? I want you to be able to cum more then once two you know?"

Noting the mess she kicked her skirt off and tossed it on the pile of our clothes off to the side. We lay naked cuddling and kissing on the love seat as we both began to anticipate round two.

Hey gws, First time I've written anything in years. Apologies if it is a little to wordy. If there is interest I'll continue with a part two. Thanks for reading!

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