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[MF] My first breeding experience | 2016

31m, 100% true story.

I've always had a creampie fetish, but breeding I wasn't sure of. It's not something I wasn't willing to risk so I steered clear of actual breeding.

About 2 years ago, i was at a local pub with a group of friends. I received a random text from one of my friends girlfriends:

"My friend wants to give you her pussy"

I looked at this wide eyed as it was so random, i knew they had been drinking so I didn't think much if this. I figured it was random drunk texts as they were having fun, so I played along.

A few minutes goes by when my one of the girls at our table notices im preoccupied in my phone so she asks to see. It's my buddies girlfriend, but In the spirit of having fun because the table we were at was boring as hell. I handed her my phone so she can read. She reads it and tells me how hot the sexting is, and I'm not getting my phone back until shes done sexting.

At the end if the night she hands me my phone back, apparently I have 2 new contacts (woman) and a date set up for the next weekend with the friend that wanted to "give me her pussy"

I was blown away. My friends girlfriend gives me a sly wink and tells me to have a good time. I couldn't see the texts as she deleted them but told me not to worry, it will be a good night.

Fast forward to a week later, im sitting at the pub by myself waiting for this girl to show up. She's running a few minutes late.

In walks this drop dead gorgeous brunette, my eyes start at her toes and work there way up.

Nice thick legs, accented by beautiful wide hips. Perfectly flat trim stomach followed by breasts that seem just perfect! Her hair was half up with her bangs hanging down, she had her makeup all done up. She spent some time getting herself ready!

She sits down at the table across from me and introduced herself as (No joke)

"Hi, I'm the girl that wants to give you my pussy"

I laugh

"Hi, I'm the guy that graciously accepts your offer"

We both laugh and spend some time getting to know each other over some food and drinks.

There was a moment, where I think she decided than and there that this needs to happen right now. It was quite sunny out for most of the evening. Since we were on an outdoor patio the sun was right in my face. So i had my glasses on. Once the sun receeded a bit and i found myself in some shade. I took my glasses off.

She looked at me wide eyed, and didn't say anything for a few seconds. I asked if everything is okay and she said

"Yes, we need to get out of here. Right now, let's go back to your place"

So we pack up, i pay the bill. And start making our way to the parking lot. She's rubbing me through my pants before we even get to my truck, I'm hard as a rock.

When we do get to the truck, my keys aren't even in the ignition yet and shes already unzipping me and begins to suck me than and there.

"Wow someone really needs a good fucking"

"Mhmmm" she says with me in her mouth.

She was wearing a dress, so she slipped her panties off and began playing with herself while she sucked me in the car.

I could have stayed there and enjoyed a good bj but I wasn't content with that. So i drove home, She played with me for the entire ride there.

When we got to my house. I was so worked up, so horney that as soon as she closed the door behind her, i picked her up and carried her upstairs to my bedroom.

I placed her gently on the bed when she began to undo my belt and drop my pants, we are giggling the entire time and she keeps commenting on how naughty this is, fucking on the first date.

Since she spent some time giving me a BJ, i graciously returned the favor by eating her pussy.

She was already as wet as can be, but i ate her anyways.

I decided to see what kind of woman she is in bed so I tested the waters a little bit. I said

"Your turn"

She sat up, took me in her mouth

All-the-way. Deepthroat, and shook her head from side to side a little bit and giggled as she stroked me

After a few minutes of literally skull fucking her the time came.

She laid on her back and spread her legs for me, hands holding her legs behind her knees, She bit her lower up and said

"Aren't you going to fuck me now?"

I teased her at first, giving her just the tip, and playing with her clit with the head of my cock. But finally, i slowly went in all the way and my god....


I could barely get it In, outer lips gripping me tight. She had a very small, shallow pussy. So i felt absolutely everything she had to offer.

I fucked her hard, and fast in missionary. This girl was a bit of a freak to. Had her hands on my throat, telling me to choke her out. Telling me to treat her like a slut and talk dirty to her, call her a whore, spit on her pussy, slap her ass and her tits.

I kept pulling out of her, mainly because I wanted to last a good while. But each time I did she would suck, than put me back in.

After a good half hour of fucking I could feel it coming. I always give my woman a warning before i cum.

"I can feel it coming, where do you want me to cum?"

"Mmm anywhere baby, anywhere u want"

"Yeah? Take that load in your mouth"

"Wouldn't you rather cum in my pussy?"


"In me baby, cum in me"

"You want it inside you?"

"Mmm yes"

"Than beg for it"

"Please, shoot it inside me, please give it to me. I want your cum please"

I was at the point of no return, there was no stopping now.

"Please, fuck it into me. Cum deep in that pussy, shoot it into that womb, put a baby in me"

Woah, that weirded me out a little bit. But I can cum inside this fucking beautiful woman's pussy, and it was so tight, so inviting.

I didn't pull out.

But I didn't shoot it DEEP either. I was a little taken aback by her shoot a baby in me comment.

I gave her just the tip of my cock inside her pussy lips, and shot my first spurt of cum inside her pussy. I was looking down and could see it was a huge load, my cock physically pulsated with that first spurt.

I fell out of her, and shot a bit of cum on to her pussy. She wasn't having any of that, she quickly grabbed my cock and put it back inside her pussy, and used her hand to stroke it, milking me as I finished cumming inside of her.

I looked down, and her pussy and my cock was a mess. Cum everywhere, on her pussy, in her pussy, on my cock.

I pulled out, and we were both out of breath. She was LOUD as I was cumming. She came as i came. She sat up and looked down at the mess of her pussy. She used her fingers to clean the cum, and put it inside her pussy.

My god...

This woman...

I was still turned on, but i needed a few minutes to recover.

She looked me square in the eyes, and with a serious face and a serious tone said:

"Next time, dont hold back. Shoot it deep, i want it all"

It was pretty late in the evening at this point. But neither of us had any intentions calling it a night. We didn't even out our clothes back on. In the kitchen when we were making a late night snack, i could see my cum dripping down her leg. I bent her over the counter, ran my finger up her leg and put the cum back into her pussy.

"Mmm. Yes Please, more"

I put my cock inside her slowly, and raised her right leg so it's resting on the counter.

"Yes, just fuck a load of cum into me please I need it. Fuck your seed into my womb. I dont care if it takes 2 minutes or 2 hours just fuck a baby into me"

Round 2, was primal. I didn't have to worry about lasting long or making sure she got off. The objective was clear, and i fucked her like a beast that's been pent up for months.

I shot that load hard and deep inside her pussy, she screamed with pleasure as I shot my load. I've never been more turned on in my life.

She stayed the night, and we fucked again the next morning before i dropped her off.

Oddly enough, ive never met this woman before, and i never heard from her again. I never did find out if i shot a baby inside her.

I told my buddies girlfriend about that night, and me telling her the same thing I just wrote here, turned her on.

My buddies girl looked me square in the eye, smiled, leaned in and whispered in to my ear.

"Me next"

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