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It was so aweso[M]e! | 2016

I'm M (25), married, does all kinds of crazy things on bed with my wife. I do watch MMF bisexual porn sometimes because, i dunno I find it exiting. But i never considered myself Bi or wanted to try MM or MMF.

Recently my wife bought one of those egg vibrators (2 actually, one long one short). And while she was dominating me on bed, she pushed one of those vibrators up my ass and started blowing me. I enjoyed it a little bit, but was super confused felt a bit uncomfortable. She does put a finger up my ass sometimes but this was different and big!

So yesterday she was sleeping and I was up late night and wanted to experiment with the vibrator alone. So I used a ton of lube and slid it in me and gently started to fuck myself without turning on the vibrator. I was relaxed, I was enjoying, my dick wasn't even hard because I was concentrating on the other thing. So I slowly increased the vibration and it felt even better.

Now this vibrator is shaped like an egg about 4 inches long and has a wire and a speed controller at the end. So I just pushed it in my ass, now the vibrator is completely inside and the wire is sticking out. I increased the vibration even moar! OMFG i have never felt anything so great! I started stroking my dick to make it hard, and I came in 2 or 3 strokes, it wasn't even hard! My legs were shivering and .... I can't even explain it! That was the best orgasm I ever had!

Since that moment I can't help but imagine how good a real dick would feel in my ass. Now am sure am 100% bisexual. I have all these bisexual fantasies flooding my head and it's driving me crazy.

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