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I [F] Showed up my Friend [F] by Sucking the Life out of her FWB(friend with benefits) [M] | 2016


Me and Caitlin have known each other since high school. We’ve maintained a close relationship even during times where we haven’t gotten to see each other often. Coming back home after a tough week of exams, she was one of the people I was looking forward to seeing during my Christmas Holiday.

Over the years, Caitlin and I have had a lot of wild nights, drinking and partying together. But, sometimes we just like to have a “chill night” together by getting drunk, smoking a little weed, and watching movies at her condo. When I came back home from school, we immediately planned out one of these “chill nights” for us to catch up and relax together. As Saturday night rolled around, I was getting ready to go see Caitlin when some family drama unfolded and I was forced to stick around to help make sure that the family shouting match didn’t get out of hand. I texted Caitlin to let her know that I was going to be late for our hangout. Unfortunately, the family circus act had been drawn out for much longer than I had initially anticipated. So, I was now heading over to Caitlin’s 2.5 hours later than I had originally intended. When I walked into Caitlin’s condo I saw a pair of men’s shoes in doorway and I could hear her speaking to someone in the living room. I walked into the living room and Caitlin excitingly greeted me “Ceeeelll! I didn’t think you were still coming! Its so good to see you. You look sexy!” Admittingly, I have been going to the gym 4 days a week, and I was getting significantly more toned in the leg and booty area. I was wearing my tightest, thinnest, black yoga pants, and a high cut crop top that showed off my petite waist and tight body. Caitlin (about 5’2, naturally big booty, D-cup tits, blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes) was wearing some tiny slutty booty shorts that revealed the cup of her booty and a spaghetti string halter top, with no bra. We hugged and Caitlin introduced me to her friend, Josh, who was also present. She explained “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind that I invited Josh over. I assumed that your family was going to keep you tied up for the night since I hadn’t heard from you for the past couple hours”. I had met Josh previously at a party earlier in the year, and Caitlin had mentioned over text that she uses Josh on occasion to have him fuck her brains out. Josh is about 6’3, light brown hair, athletic build/jock type, and really cocky. He’s definitely good looking. But, I remember the first time I met him, the only two things he could talk about were: 1) his strength in the gym, and 2) how hard he made some slut cum the other night.


I greeted Josh and gave him a hug. He was certainly well built and I have to admit that his “presence” kind of turned me on. The three of us started to drink together, played some drinking games, and within an hour and a half, we were all fairly sloshed. Josh kept staring at Caitlin’s tits since they kept bouncing around. I kept catching him just staring directly down her shirt when Caitlin was speaking. I jokingly called him out as I pushed Caitlin’s boobs together with both hands and said “Josh cant keep his eyes off these big ass titties, Caitlin”. Caitlin laughed and gave her chest a shake in my and josh’s faces, making us both motorboat her. We both laughed, but I could tell that Josh was starting to get really horny. It looked like he was starting to form a bit of a noticeable bulge in his grey sweatpants.

I then thought, I should have some fun with Josh and see how turned on and frustrated I can make him. At this point, we were all sitting on the ground around our card drinking game (kings). I got on all fours, purposely arching my back as much as I could, and sexily crawled over to Caitlin. I stuck my head back into Caitlin’s tits while giving Josh a full view of what he would see if he were to take me from behind. Caitlin was laughing and she let out a slight moan when I pinched her nipple. I looked back at Josh and saw him re-adjusting his bulge as he was staring to get harder. I then said “Josh, I think that Caitlin likes me more than you. I dunno if you’re making her cum hard enough because she’s clearly still horny.” Josh responded cockily “Oh please, last week I had her legs pinned behind her head while she was begging me not to stop smashing her G-spot with my big dick”. Caitlin added in “ugghhh, Josh and I have mind blowing sex, Cel. We have a great arrangement, he fucks me senseless, and in return, I make him cum harder than any else ever has.” I responded “Haha Sounds like a great agreement. So Caitlin takes good care of that bulge in your pants, Josh?” He laughed and said “Yeah, I actually really want her to come suck me off right now. She’s literally sooo good at sucking cock.” I looked him in the eyes, licked my lips, and sexily asked “Can she swallow all of your cum though?” He responded “I don’t usually bust from blowjobs. I like to nut inside Caitlin.” I then teased Caitlin “OooOoohhh, so it looks like you’re the one not doing their job properly in this arrangement, eh Caitlin? Haha”. She laughed, but she got a little defensive and said “Bitch please, I own his cock, I can make him cum so easily.” I responded to Caitlin while smiling at Josh, “I bet I could teach you a thing or two…”. Caitlin laughed again and said “Josh, what’s the best blowjob you’ve ever had?” Josh replied and spoke of a blowjob that Caitlin gave him a few weeks ago. I retorted, “yeah but if you’re not getting his cum, was it really that good of a blowjob?” Josh reiterated how he very very rarely cums from blowjobs. Caitlin responded “alright, since you think you’re the ‘baddest bitch in the world’, lets make a bet. If you can make Josh cum within 20 minutes, ill pay for your new years night”. (We’re going to an expensive gala) “If he doesn’t cum, which he won’t, you have to buy me my $300 gala dress, tomorrow.” You should’ve seen the look on Josh’s face. I could tell that he was ecstatic, but he was trying to maintain his cool exterior and compose himself. I acted like I was unsure about taking the bet, and I think Caitlin expected me to back out, but I eventually said “alright, I’ll do it since you’ve deprived Josh of having his cock sucked properly” and smirked at Josh. Caitlin said “Haha alright im gonna start the timer on my phone. Josh take off your pants.” Josh stood up and began to undo the draw string on his sweatpants. I then entered into full slut-mode and knew I had to put on a show for Caitlin to prove a point. As Josh was undoing his pants, I interjected, “its okay Josh, let me help you”. I got on my knees and sexily crawled over to Josh while giving him my best puppy dog eyes. Caitlin interrupted “I’m starting the timer as soon as your lips touch his cock”.


I took one of his draw strings in my mouth and pulled on it to help undo it. I then bit his waistband while looking up at him and said “I want you in my throat, Josh”. I grabbed his hand, looked up at him, and started to suck on this index finger. I stuck his finger down my throat, and just sucked on it for a few seconds while staring into his eyes. At this point I could see he was rock hard. I took off his pants, leaving him in only his briefs. He was pretty big, and I was actually impressed. Caitlin started the timer as I slowly started to kiss and suck on the head of his cock through his briefs until they were noticeably wet. I used my teeth to take off his briefs and continued my teasing onslaught. I sat on my knees in front of him, with my hands in my lap (like a good little girl) and I stared up at him while I slowly just kept kissing the head of his cock and giving it little licks, until it got to the point where he was so hard that his cock kept jumping and flexing every time I kissed it. A couple times I opened my mouth as if I was going to finally let his feel my tongue, only to let him feel my warm breath, as I backed away, looked up at him, and gave him a devilish smile. I could see the anticipation in his face. It looked as if there was nothing in the world that he wanted more than to have me suck on his cock. After about 6 minutes of slow teasing, I decided it was time to fully take control of him. I looked up at him and said “Can I suck on your big cock now, Josh?” He let out a loud sigh and heavily said “yes, pleeeassee suck me”. It’s funny, even the most cocky, “strong”, douchebaggy-ish guys can be literally brought to their knees and made to beg by the anticipation of having a women’s mouth wrapped around their cock. I then put the head of his cock in my mouth and just sucked and slurped on it like a strawberry while staring up at him. I then asked him “are you ready for my throat?” he responded with his voice becoming more hoarse “yessss!” I then slowly started putting more of his cock into my mouth. Not sucking on it, just slowly taking inch by inch, and holding in my throat while looking at him. I eventually had just about more than 3/4 of his cock in my mouth, with his head buried in my throat. Judging from his face, he was in pure ecstasy just from looking at me with that much of his cock being stuffed down my throat. I then started bobbing on it with it down my throat, while making loud slurping and sucking noises. I was literally trying to suction and milk the cum out of his cock with my throat. Every time I put the head further into my throat he made a “Ughhh” noise. I cupped his balls and started stroking the shaft with my other hand while sucking gently, but loudly on the head of his cock. He responded “Ohhh Fuuuuck…” I took my mouth off of his cock and quietly said “Are you gonna let me take your cum from you, Josh?. Can I please have your cum?”. Caitlin interrupted “Josh don’t cum yet! only 9 more minutes!!”.

I could tell from the look on his face, he wasn’t gonna last much longer, and that I could now take his cum from him whenever I wanted it. I slowed down my rhythm just a bit to let him last a little longer. Josh was still grunting and I could tell he was struggling not to cum. His knees were slightly starting to buckle and his balls were getting really really tight. Caitlin could also tell that he was going to cum soon and once again announced “Josh, if you don’t cum, I’ll let you fuck me in the ass all weekend!”. With that, Josh’s eyes got wider and he was now actively trying not to cum. I took this as a personal challenged and knew it was time to end this competition. I continued to cup his balls gently and I stuck out my tongue as far as I could and firmly placed the head of his cock on my pinkish, warm, wet tongue. I started stroking the shaft and looked Josh in the eyes and said “This isn’t going to work. I’m just going to keep stroking and sucking on the head your cock until you cum all over my tongue”. I continue this for about 45 seconds, while repeatedly kissing the head of his cock, acting as if I was worshipping him until he said “Fuuuck, I can’t hold it Caitlin”. With that, I quickly deepthroated him further then I had before and his knees buckled as he shot his load down my throat. I kept slurping on him and he would let out loud “OH Shit, Ugh UUHHH” noises as I was swallowing his load. When I loudly popped his cock out of my mouth, he literally lost his balance and almost fell down. You could tell he was shattered and weak after I was finished draining. I turned to Caitlin and said “Soo…do you wanna get a limo for newyears orrrr, maybe a helicopter or something?” She laughed and said “Hahah you little slut! I guess you’ve earned some sugar after that performance!”.

Happy New Year, Ya filthy animals! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did ;)

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