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Discovering my dominant side with an ex-gf [MF][kink] | 2016

A couple of years ago my longtime girlfriend and I broke up. We went our separate ways, I started dating a pretty kind girl. One of the reasons my ex and I had split up was that due to various happenings I had lost a lot of self confidence. This new girl that I was dating happened to be a virgin, and that feeling of power and control did a lot to put some confidence back into me.

As we dated, I started speaking with my ex again. We started sexting and I told her about how I wanted to hold her down and fuck her, rip open her pants and cum inside of her and then leave her there dripping cum. Throat fuck her until she was drooling and slap her with my dick. At this point I thought it was probably best to break up with my current girlfriend, and I did.

By the end of the week, my ex had showed up at my house. She was being a tease, flirting with me but not wanting to go any further. There was a weird sexual energy that I've never really felt before, like each of us was competing to be dominant. I put my fingers in her mouth and started fucking her mouth and she bit down onto my fingers as hard as I could. I shoved her down onto the couch and pulled down her pants and started rimming her and fucking her with two fingers. I laid her across the couch with her head over the armrest and fucked her throat but she pulled back and then got on top of me, sitting on my face. I could hardly breathe but I stuck my tongue in her pussy and sucked her clit until I was gasping for air. After I got back into control I got her into doggy and I started fucking her pussy and then switched to her ass. I wanted to fill her pussy with my cum but her ass was too good. I filled her ass up and we fell asleep. I woke her up again in the morning and filled her pussy before I left for work and then she went back to the city she lived at.

After that, we texted back and forth and she told me that she hadn't wanted me to be dominant because she felt uncomfortable being the submissive one. She admitted that she had liked being submissive and felt that she could be submissive to me when she couldn't to anyone else.

After a few more works, she was back at my house again. She was desperately horny and submitted to me completely. I pulled her pants off and pinned one of her legs with my body and the other with my free arm. I finger fucked her until she was about to cum and then stopped. She started to struggle so I reached up and grabbed her throat and told her she wasn't allowed to cum yet and that I would tell her when. I kept edging her maybe 7 or 8 times, each time grabbing her throat and telling her not to fucking cum.

After I was satisfied with her desperation and her need to cum had left a glazed over look in her eyes I unbuttoned my pants and took out my dick. I brought it close to her mouth and she desperately opened her mouth and leaned in, but I pushed her back and told her that she couldn't have it yet. I put my dick up to her lips, I was already hard from teasing her and rubbed my precum across her lips. She opened her mouth again and I slapped my dick across her face as hard as I could and told her no. She tried to reach for her clit to let herself cum so I grabbed her arm and opened her mouth and started throat fucking her. I was slamming against her face as hard as I could, there was drool all over my dick and it was running down her chin. It was that type of throat fucking that's so messy that when you pull your dick out of the girl's mouth there's a string of drool at the end of it. I couldn't resist, I grabbed her and pulled her body up and stuck my tongue in her mouth. Her mouth was so wet and drooly and I could taste myself in her mouth.

I went back to her pussy and started fingering her again, I decided she was allowed to cum. I was fingering her and suddenly she squirted all over me. This was new and something neither of us knew she could do. I kept going with my fingers and she tried to back away, still shivering from the orgasm. I pinned her legs again and kept fingering her and making her squirt, 5 maybe 6 times. At this point she was sweating and delirious from cumming so much. I was ready to burst so I started fucking her. She was so wet from squirting and I could feel her pussy squeezing and pulsing from cumming so many times still. While I was fucking her, she squirted again and she squeezed so hard she almost pushed me out of her pussy. I pushed back harder, getting as deep as I could before I came inside of her. It one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had and when I pulled out my cum was immediately falling out of her pussy.

I had never really been so dominant like that before, and I loved it. Eventually the ex and I got back together, and we're still happily together. We've invested in some toys and some bondage straps for our bed. While the straps are fun, I still like holding her down physically the most.

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