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Bred in his bed [MF] | 2016

Just a quick update on what Sam and I have been up to this past week! :)

We met up Thursday night - that is, Sam picked me up at my place, and we damn near fucked in his car in his apartment parking lot after he ate me out in the back seat, dress rucked up to my stomach and my office heels grinding into the fogged up window glass. Sam then had me suck his cock for a few minutes, just sloppy, enthusiastic sucks around his cockhead and balls, before pushing me away, zipping himself back into his jeans with some difficulty, and telling me to follow him.

One of his neighbors gave me a dirty look as we caught her exiting her apartment, grocery tote bag in hand. I blushed as I imagined her realizing that not only did I look well-fucked, I was about to be even more so by the much older, obviously aroused man beside me. Then a second later we were inside Sam's quiet apartment, kissing deeply against the front door, stumbling into his warm bedroom.

Once inside, Sam dragged out the door mirror again, propped it up at the end of the bed, and took me doggystyle immediately. I sobbed with relief as he lifted my dress up, eased aside my soaked panties, and slid his dick in nice and easy, pumping in and out and sighing about how sweet my pussy felt after a long day. It was too rough and filthy and fucking nasty, and I bucked like a wild animal for more as I watched our reflections: Sam taking his fill, hands splayed over the mounds of my ass for a better view and deeper access as he sank in again and again, panting quietly. It felt incredibly primal, depraved, and right: the sight of Sam's weathered arms and thighs pinning me to the mattress as I tried to escape before giving up and scrubbing my clit with two fingers, clenching around the cock that tagged my G spot roughly on every other stroke. Even better was the dirty talk pouring out of Sam's mouth:

"I want to fuck you every day for the rest of your life. you clearly need it."

"God, you take it so well. Love the way your pussy spreads around my cock. Fuck. Take it."

"Gonna mess you up inside. You want that?"

I nodded frantically as I worked back onto his dick, letting Sam fuck the orgasm out of me at an unhurried pace. But before I could come, he abruptly pulled out and started finger fucking me.

"No," I whined, "what happened to your cock?"

"Greedy," Sam chuckled, then hooked his fingers and tugged. I gasped as he stretched the muscles just right, feeling the unmistakable feeling of being FUCKED, full, penetrated, even though he was only three fingers deep inside me.

"I can feel how tight your pussy is around me right now," Sam said conversationally. "An orgasm will loosen you right up. Which is why I'm not going to give you one yet. My nice, tight, hot cocksleeve."

I whimpered.

Sam flipped me into my back and pushed my knees up to my chest, pressing the tip of his flushed dick to my clit, then bobbing down to rest just barely outside my dripping slit. This was simple, unadulterated fucking: no fancy machines, no restraints, just the oldest form of submission.

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