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Bathroom Counter Quickie [MF] | 2016

Upstairs in my boyfriend's parents house watching movies together and snuggling when my boyfriend starts giving me those delicious fuck me eyes and pushing his suddenly hard throbbing cock against my body. He leaned into my ear and whispered that he wanted me to play with his ass. I excitedly agreed, going off to grab the lubricant we hid in his bottom drawer. I hurry back to see he has pulled down his pants and boxers and I am greeted with his amazing, round, firm ass begging me to play. I massage some of the lube on his asshole and begin fingering him, rubbing the inside of his asshole in slow but firm circles. The previous day we had bought new anal beads that were larger and more textured for him and with one look I knew he wanted play with them. We were not home alone though so we knew we had to transition to his bathroom and lock the doors behind us. I quickly undressed him and guided him to get on all fours for me exposing his delicious asshole, ready for me to take it over. I rubbed some lube along the beads and slowly, one by one inserted the large purple beads into his begging ass. he moaned and quaked for me as I filled him up with all 6 beads. I then, without warning, pulled them all out fast and relentlessly leaving him breathless and wanting more. I did this over and over until his cock was as big as I had ever seen it, throbbing and looking powerful and needy. I told him I wanted him to take me and he began to undress me and while he rubbed his his hard cock for me I perched myself on his bathroom counter and sat on the edge exposing my wet pussy and spread my thighs. he guided his huge cock inside of my pussy and slowly stroked in and out of me, pulling all the way out each time and then slamming his cock all the way in, making me want to scream. We had to be quiet and fast. He picked up his pace and started slamming his merciless hips into mine all the while making me drip with warm wetness. he kept going and going and going and I never wanted it stop. I watched his hard cock as it pulled out of me and then slammed back in. I saw how it glistened with my wetness. I was on the brink of orgasm, feeling my body get tight and wrapping my thighs around his waist. I came hard and fast and felt a gushing wetness release from me. Alex looked up at me and told me he felt me squirting and it was dripping down his thighs and dripping off the counter top. I gave him a pleased smile and asked him to keep going hard and fast. I wanted to watch him cum for me hard, I wanted to see his face and hear his groans for me. he began to quicken even more and I knew he was close, his eyes shut in hard concentration and overwhelming pleasure and his lips parted releasing low moans that sent me wild. He began to cum and I felt his hips push hard into mine, felt his primal urge to cum in the deepest part of my warm wet pussy. He came for what felt like 5 minutes, the longest orgasm he had ever experienced and I was eating up every moment of his relentless hips pushing hard into me and feeling his cock overflow with warm delicious cum in my pussy. he stayed inside of me and looked in my eyes with bewilderment and told me he he was pretty sure he somehow came twice, how the orgasm was so overwhelming and so long that it was actually two orgasms in one. once I stood up my pussy was drenched and his cum was oozing out of me, the most cum I had ever seen. we quickly cleaned up, having to wipe our whole lower halves down due to his huge loads and my squirt. it was a quickie we shall soon not forget.

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