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Adventures with Mark and Jill 3: Later that night [MMF] | 2016


PART 2 - MM / F


After the day Mark and I had we weren't in any rush to get our clothes back on after we showered together. Jill ended up changing into one of Mark's T-shirts, and nothing else, later in the evening. We continued to hang out, like normal, and smoke a bunch of weed, like normal. We had a few drinks, played some games, and watched a movie. Aside from the lack of clothing it was a normal day. We sat on the couch, Mark and I on the outside and Jill in the middle. It was well into the evening and Jill started glancing obviously at our naked bodies. First me, then Mark, then back to me.

Jill leaned back and put her feet up on the coffee table. She stretched out her arms and let her hand come to rest on our knees, one on mine and one on Mark's. I felt my limp cock jump a little at her touch. She began to rub my knee and slowly start moving her hand up my inner thigh. I glanced over and Mark was getting the same treatment. I could see that his cock was starting to swell, I was already hitting half mast by the time she was a few mere inches away. Her fingers were the first part to reach my balls and she lightly caressed them with her fingertips. Then her hand brushed based them and she began to run her fingers up and down my shaft, barely touching me. I had been anticipating this encounter since the last time. I was rock hard. So was Mark. She had her hand wrapped firmly around his cock while she teased mine. Mark leaned over and kissed her, his hand making its way to her breast. She grabbed my shaft and squeezed it gently. I watched them kiss as she started to stroke our cocks simultaneously. It was a pretty hot sight. Their kiss broke, Mark's hand stated on her breast as she leaned over and kissed me. I followed suit and kissed back, my own hand venturing up the T-shirt to her free breast. The first flick of her nipple caused her to squeeze my cock again. Mark changed position so herwas facing her, watching us make out. She turned to kiss him again but he pulled his head back slightly, grabbed the bottom of the shirt and slid it over her head. I dove in and started to suckle her tit while her and Mark started a passionate make out session. I nibbled on her nipple and she moaned into Mark's mouth.

After a short time Jill moved herself so she was facing Mark. They continued to make out. Mark wrapped his arms around her waist. I moved in behind her, my cock pressed against the back of his hands. I reached around to play with Jill's tits while Mark wiggled his hands against my cock. I left one hand on Jill and my other reached for Mark's cock. I found it quickly and slowly jerked him off with one hand while the other continued to tease Jill's nipple. She broke their kiss and started to nibble on Mark's ear. I leaned over her should and kissed him, continuing the work I started with my hands. I could hear Jill's very soft moans. I rolled back Mark's foreskin and rubbed some of his precum onto my fingers. I released his cock and started to play with Jill's other nipple, Mark's precum let my fingers glide across it.

Jill was squirming on the couch. She broke my kiss with Mark and turned to face me before almost tackling me with the force of her kiss. She pressed her chest against mine and I felt her tits press softly against me. Mark's hands ventures between us. One started stroking my cock while the other began to tease Jill's pussy. We kept making out and she kept pressing closer and closer until I was forced to lay back. My cock slid from Mark's grip and Jill climbed on top of me. She rested we sopping wet pussy on the front my shaft and began to slide back and forth. She was so wet that she slid with no friction at all. Her hands rested on my chest to brace herself. Mark stood up and moved beside us. He positioned his cock in front of Jill's face and she greedily sucked it into her mouth. I watched her blowing Mark while she used my cock like a slip 'n' slide. She paused for a second, lifted herself up, pointed my cock at her wet hole, and lowered herself on to me. I felt surrounded by that warm, wet sensation. She bounced on me a few times, her tits shivering with the force of every bounce, before dropping Mark's cock from her mouth and standing up. My cock slapped back down onto a gleaming puddle of Jill's juices. She put one foot up on the couch beside me and pulled Mark toward her. He was at the right height, and pointing at the right angle, to make his way inside of her without any guidance. She didn't keep him inside for very long either, just a few quick thrusts and then she pulled him out, told us she'd be right back, and hurried off upstairs.

Mark and I took the opportunity for ourselves. He laid on the couch on his side and had me do the same in a side by side 69 position. We quickly grabbed each other's cocks and started sucking on each other. I could taste Jill's juices on every inch of his cock. I knew he was tasting her in me too. I moved occasionally from sucking his cock to licking his shaft to fondling his balls and then back to sucking. He gripped me with one hand and matched the motions of his mouth while he bobbed his head on my cock. When Jill returned she paused at the bottom of the stairs and watched us for a few short minutes. She set down a black bag on the coffee table.

Mark and I stopped our mutual sucking and sat back up. Jill sat between us and had us stand up, side by side, like before. We angled in to each other, our cocks almost touching. Jill opened the bag and pulled out some lube, she drizzled some on me before rubbing it in. She did the same to Mark. The scent of strawberry mixed with her womanly aroma. She grabbed a cock in each hand and started to jerk us off in unison. She, again, started to rub our heads together as she stroked us. She then pulled us in close and wrapped both hands around our cocks which were now pressed tightly together. She continued stroking them up and down. I could feel her hands gripping me and Mark's cock massaging mine with each stroke. She licked her lips, slid her hands to the base, and dropped her lips onto the tip of Mark's cock. His head slid easily into her mouth and her lips hit my head. She opened wide and my head disappeared into her mouth, joining Mark's. Mark and I let out a moan at the same time. The visual was incredibly hot. He mouth was warm and wet and Mark's cock felt great against mine. She blew us both like this for a brief time but our combined girth was a bit too much to maintain. She lifted her head and stroked us together a few more times.

Jill moved to the middle of the room and, a cock in each hand, guided Mark and I along with her. She laid down on her back and guided Mark's face between her legs, laying on his side. I laid down completing the triangle. Jill grabbed my cock and pretty much rammed it down her throat. I paused for a second as her lips rested on the very base of my cock. I sighed with pleasure while she held for a second before coming up for air. I started licking at Mark's balls while my fingers ticked his taint. The sounds he made were muffled by Jill's pussy. I ran my tongue along his shaft before pulling his head into my mouth and teasing it with my tongue. I could still feel Jill's warm mouth wrapped around my cock, she could work it with her tongue like no one else. We soon switched, Mark seemed to be trying his best to suck me better than Jill had. Either that or he was trying to copy what she was doing to him. I used my fingers to spread Jill's lips apart then let my tongue go to work on her clit. She was soaking wet with a mix of her own juices and Mark's saliva. I teased her hole with my index and middle finger, covering them in as much of her juices as I could before sliding them deep inside. Her body tensed and my fingers penetrated her. She moaned around Mark's cock, he let out a moan a moment later, then I felt the head of my cock hit the back of his throat and moaned myself. Mark's cock fell from her mouth and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and release in rapid succession. Mark sucked me faster, my tongue sped up on Jill's clit. I curled my fingers forward. Jill's spasms stopped for a moment before starting up again coupled this time with short panting and soft moans. She squirmed away from me and my fingers slid out.

"Get into position," she told Mark as she started to rummage around in her black bag again. I wasn't able to see what she grabbed at first, just that she was doing up some kind of belt. Mark had continued slowly sucking and fondling my cock but had moved into a position on all fours. Jill turned around and now had a dark purple cock sticking out of her groin. She was rubbing lube on it but looked like she was jerking herself off. She winked at me and moved in behind Mark. He raised his ass in the air and Jill started rubbing the strap on along his crack. She paused the rubbing and it started to disappear into Mark's ass. His cock sucking vigor returned and he started to blow me as well as Jill had before. She kept thrusting the strap on in and out of his ass. Every forward thrust almost forced him to take as much of me in his mouth as he could. Jill's tits bounced and jiggled as she fucked her boyfriend in the ass. He was panting and moaning, the vibrations sending ripples of pleasure through my cock.

"Tell him where you want him to cum," She told me.

"Cum on my cock," I replied.

She kept pounding away. I took my cock out of Mark's mouth and moved under him. His cock was hanging low and now dragged its way up and down my shaft each time she pounded him.

He whimpered, "I'm gonna cum." I looked down and saw the largest load I've ever seen come streaming out of his cock. I could feel his warm cum land on my cock. He just kept cumming and cumming as she kept thrusting her toy into him. My cock and chest were covered in a pool of cum. I reach down and started to jerk myself off, rubbing Mark's cum into my cock. I noticed Jill had stopped fucking him and was taking the toy off. Mark was still hard as a rock, a string of cum stretched from his cock to mine. He slowly moved off of me, licking a pool of his own cum off of me as he did.

Jill moved back to the couch and had me sit down so she could climb on top. She threw her leg over me and reach down to guide my cock inside of her. She was so wet and I still had a large dose of Mark's seed covering me that I slid in with no resistance whatsoever. Her pussy was incredibly warm and it hugged every inch of my cock. Mark was behind her lubing up his, surprisingly, still hard cock. Jill propped herself up on her knees, using me as support. I started thrusting myself into her. She was biting her lip and arching her back as Mark approached. He grabbed his cock and mimicked the motions she made earlier, rubbing it up and down her ass crack before working his way inside. I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure I could feel him as she entered her. He started thrusting slowly at first, I matched his pace. As he sped up I followed suit. Jill's tits were swinging back and forth wildly. Each time one of us thrusted she was pushed further on to the other. I grabbed one of Jill's tits and starting to lightly nibble and suck on her nipple. Mark and I kept fucking her in separate holes. Faster, harder. She started to moan again. Like before I could feel her pussy grip my cock and release again and again. As soon as the tightness faded it was back again. Her eyes were closed and she was panting and out of breath. She tried to say something but the words wouldn't form. She tried to catch her breath.

"Cum in me!" She finally uttered, almost inaudible, "please, cum in me." The second time was a whisper right into my ear. Mark started moaning again, his thrusting slowed, and he let out a sigh. I was right behind him, more vocal than I normally am. I was moaning as I felt myself about to cum.

"Please," Jill whimpered again. I let out a loud moan. I couldn't hold back. I felt my cock tense up just as Jill was rocked with another orgasm. She couldn't make a sound. I started to cum. Her pussy kept grabbing my cock every time it pulsed out another shot inside her. I felt her filling up. Mark slipped his half flaccid cock from her ass and Jill collapsed on top of me. I was still inside her as my erection faded. She sat there for what seemed like forever before Mark helped her get up and lay down on the couch. My cock fell and landed in a pool of her juices, and a mixture of mine and Mark's cum. I stayed where I was. I don't think I was able to move.

Jill fell asleep almost immediately, she was quite worn out. Mark and I packed and smoked another small bowl, then I enjoyed a cigarette. The delay made it impossible to clean up the mess that was on me. Mark and I did what we could to clean off the worst of it. The whole room smelled of sex and lube. Mark carried Jill up to bed and told me I could join them instead of staying on the couch. I followed and the three of us slept in the following day. We all needed the rest.

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