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Two friends get heated pt2. [MM] | 2016

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Hey y’all! This is a follow up to the story I wrote a couple of days ago. I don’t know how to link posts so you can check my history.

Waking up Saturday was very interesting. I feel something poking me. In my distorted hungover waking up state I notice my friend brad (not a real name for obvious reasons) is rock hard cuddling me. I reach back to feel his dick hard pressed against my butt cheeks. I’m shocked, then turn over and realize he’s still asleep and must have some morning wood. I move the sheets and admire how cute he looks. In that moment I wonder “am I gay for brad?” As I’m recollecting the amazing night we had before I think to myself... “maybe I am for him” So I climb back in the bed and get all snuggled up with him and kind of use him as a pillow and close my eyes.

I wake up about a few hours later ( i have no idea what time it is) to him getting out of the bed and I’m really checking him out now and just watching. He’s still in the spandex shorts and T-shirt he was wearing the night before. I watch him move about the room gathering his things for a shower. Then he bends over and I’ve got a perfect view of his tight, cute butt. Then he takes his shorts off and he’s nude. I flash back to me being in his mouth pumping cum to the back of his throat and I get instantly hard. I think “Wow I never really noticed him like that, I guess I am a little gay for him”

He walks over to the bathroom and notices that I’m awake.

Brad: Good morning, hope you slept well. I know I did (again in a seductive tone.) Me: Of course I slept well, I was cuddled up and dreaming of last night. Brad: Good to hear that because I was too! I was hoping you were on the same page as me. Me: Duh, last night was awesome. Brad: I know, I’ve been thinking about it all morning. Anyways, I’m about to hop in the shower. Why don’t you get some food ready for us.

As I’m cooking, I hear him finish up in the shower. Moments later he comes up behind me, turns the stove off, and grabs my ass. In my mind “oh god yes it’s going to happen again”

I turn around and say “Oh my gosh what’re you doing” in the flirtiest tone. He’s naked and still dripping we from the shower. I can’t help myself. I grab his dick and he kisses me! My heart is racing for a couple of reasons. 1.) Was not expecting any of this. 2.) I was actually attracted to him!

I never kissed a boy before and it was honestly super hot. Mainly because of the situation. But also because I really felt something.

As we’re making out in the kitchen, him fully nude, dripping wet, me now with a soaked shirt from his body and my spandex with what I think is actually cum. He stops... I try to grab back at him and he says

Brad: Are you okay with this? Because last night I know I was drunk, but I’ve always thought you were kind of cute in a super friendly way, and I had a feeling you may have thought the same about me. Me: I’m more than okay with this. I’ve actually been having thoughts and I think this is a good release.

He grabs my ass, kisses me, and directs me to the bedroom.

I turn him around and push him on the bed and he gives me the eyes. I know it’s on and shits about to get crazy.

I get on top of him and start my way down. Kissing on his body, teasing him, making him squirm. I know he’s loving it. When I make it to his dick I start jerking him very slowly and really sensually. When I start going a little faster he can’t hold it. Tells me he’s going to blow and asks me to slow down. I don’t listen. When I start going faster I feel him clinch up and then it happens. I don’t have much time to react. He blows his leg shaking, toe curling, body clenching load. He gets a huge rope on my face and I freeze. He obviously keeps pumping and spitting cum and it’s everywhere. Much more than the night before. I feel it on me, on my face, on my chin, some in my mouth, on my shirt, spandex shorts, and he has a good bit on his belly. It’s also on the sheets and all over my hand. I look at him in an awe and shocked face. He smiles deliriously at me and I put my mouth on his tip and suck out what left. He groans loudly with pleasure. “Oh fuck Eric!” And then he lays eyes closed and in silence.

I look up at what just happened and feel quite accomplished with myself. He mutters out, “I need a towel” so I get up, go to the bathroom, clean off my face, take off my cum covered clothes and get a hot rag ready. As I clean him up he’s sort of falling asleep. So I try to wake him and he’s just out of it. Equal parts sexually satisfied, tired, and now stoned. He hit his bedside bowl when I was cleaning myself up.

So now he’s napping. I think... “well this kind of sucks, I’m horny as hell and have blue balls” So I go try to finish the food that was being made about an hour or so ago and have myself some food. (It wasn’t good, but I needed something.) While I’m eating I can feel my tense balls and it hurts. So I finish eating quickly and go to the shower to clean up and jerk off. About 30 minutes goes by and I’m really getting into myself in the shower thinking about how hot that was earlier and then the shower door opens.

“Sorry I fell asleep. It’s your turn now” says brad in his damned seductive, devilish tone with that stupid cute grin. In no time he’s on his knees and putting me all the way in his mouth sucking the life out of me. I’m in heaven, I have the warm shower running, and my dick in my new found sexual partners mouth. He sucks me for about 15-20 minutes (I must have built up a stamina) and when I cum... I cum hard. Not as hard as brad, but I fill his mouth up and he’s trying to swallow it, and he’s actually doing a good job of getting it down. It’s really sexy and I love the sight of him enjoying my dick in his mouth. Then he stands up, smacks my ass and says “good one;)” then kisses me again!

For a time frame, it’s about 6:30-7:00. We must have woke up real late.

So instead of going out that night like we planned, we just hung out, watched some Netflix, ordered some pizza, talked about a lot of things, and just enjoyed each other’s company. I had never seen this happening, ever. And I kind of like it a lot.

I want to get in a real serious conversation about what happened the last two days with Brad, but the conversation is just so fun and electric. I can’t do it. So after we binge a season and a movie we’re both still awake and not really tired, but super relaxed from all the weed. So we move back to the bedroom.

Now, I’m sorry to keep mentioning this... but his body... the way he moves, the way his butt looks, and his huge bulge just... it’s really a sight for sore eyes.

And we lay down, get real warm and snuggled smoke some more weed and fall asleep. With no serious conversation. I think.. I’ll just enjoy this for what it is right now and we’ll worry about the other stuff later.

Thanks for reading the follow up! If you want some more follow up let me know!

Give me some feed back! I love hearing what y’all have to say.

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