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Stories | 2016

Losing my white boy virginity (m/f)

Here's a story that I wish I could tell everyone, unfortunately I've been sworn to secrecy. This is a throwaway so technically this is secret, so here's the time I fucked a member of a certain beloved band :)

It was the last night of my Senior trip to LA, my friends had all gone to bed for the early flight, but I wasn't ready to go just yet. I decided to take a final walk around the hotel just for something to do. It took me a half hour to get around the hotel and to the pool, but only 1 second to spot what my final LA adventure would be.

Getting her off. First Post M/F

So I'm a recently divorced guy and haven't been looking for any relationships and this was the first girl I have been with since it was all over with my wife.

I became friends with this girl I work with, ya Ive heard it...."don't dip your pen in company ink." She is very attractive 20 sonething year old. She is about 5'8" med length blonde hair very skinny with a great ass and nice brand new fake D tits. I noticed her many times at work. She is really hot and everyone notices her.

The Travelling Nurse (MF)

I've written about a lot of my more adventurous experiences previously, but now I'm going to take the time to try to put into words one of the more intense, erotic relationships that I've had in the lifestyle.

Welco[m]e Home a[f]ter time apart.

My wife has a job that has kept us apart in various chunks of time throughout our ten years of marriage. The time she would leave for work varied from days to weeks to months. We’ve always enjoyed an active and wonderful sex life. With the only exception sometimes being the “Welcome Home” sex. From time to time that sex was so anticipated and every move so planned out in my head that it would turn into the least passionate, unmemorable sex we would enjoy as a couple.

Gush: [F]irefighter Got [M]e to Squirt Like a Fire Hose

As the geyser kept shooting out of my pussy, I thought to myself: Damn, this boy is going to know how to fuck. We had met twenty minutes earlier for coffee after he answered my Craigslist advertisement the day before. Now I was being forced to suck his cock as he stroked my pussy hard and fast.


His saliva landed smack dab between my pussy lips, and that extra juice put me over the edge. I kept squirting and squirting. As the liquid gushed out of my body he kept pounding me with his fingers and forcing me to take all of his cock in my mouth.