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Stories | 2016

(F)irst ti(M)e at the park

Long time lurker, first time poster. I hope you like my story!

Me: tall about 5’8, skinny, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, 21 years old. The boy lets call him Brandon is about 6’3, dark hair, big brown eyes, 23 years old.

Background: Brandon and I met at a bar through mutual friends, and hit it off. This was maybe our second or third date. May be slightly altered, as this was almost a year ago.

College Experience: Taming the Hot Stuck Up Bitch (M/F)

I went to a liberal arts college on the East Coast...and boy...they weren't kidding about the "Liberal" part of liberal arts. Unbeknownst to me, the place was famous as a "lesbian school" which made dating difficult, but VERY interesting at times (though those stories will have to wait for another day).

Sunday I found [m]yself inside a [f]ew [f]air [f]antastic [f]emales

That's a fivesome, if I wasn't clear in my title. 4 girls and me.

I'm only detailing the event itself, finding a girlfriend who's into such things is a prerequisite to this whole scenario. This was our second time messing around with other people, and the first time I participated. The first time was her and another girl (I wasn't terribly interested in that girl). Let's call my gf Jennifer. Jennifer and I have previously talked about how we'd like to have other girls in the bedroom, and that she can even date other girls.

Taking a [M]an's wife while he [F]ilms.

Note -- This happened to me a few weeks ago following posting a casual encounter ad. Names have been changed, pussies have been filled, etc.

It’s amazing how things can change over time. Most of you would never guess that I — early 30’s, 5’10, blond, lean but mean — would be what someone would think of as a bull. I spent most of my 20’s dateless, losing out to sacks of shit who had nothing, but were 6’, and losers in and out of jail all the time.

[m/f/m] That was unexpected.

I actually ran into Jason on the street by accident. I’m a brunette with large breasts and an hourglass shape, I’m not overly thin but I’m not chubby either. I have pale skin and a big enough ass. I was just coming home from work, 19 at the time which is also legal to drink where I live, and just stopped at a little shopping plaza near my house to pick up dinner. My parents were out of town and I was just planning on relaxing by myself.