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Our first reddit success story, a recap of what happened last night... [mff] | 2016

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Ok, I lied, because this all started about a week and a half ago. My girlfriend (Rachel) and I posted a fresh r4r in our area, looking for the widely sought-after unicorn. We've had experiences with girls in the past, but we're people of rather insatiable appetites. So we posted again and got a response a couple days later. When I saw the email notification, I happened to be with Rachel, and we were decidedly less than sober, so we held off on responding right then, but we had fun reading the message.

The responder in question, Vivienne, told us how she'd enjoyed our stories and had seen our r4r posts a few times before actually replying. She went on to tell us about herself, her job, her kinks, and even included a picture of her face, adding that she'd been told that her best assets were her ass and her eyes. She was right. We got back to her the next morning and, after trading a few red envelopes back and forth, moved over to a text méssage a trois. We chatted some more over the weekend, got a little flirty at times, and shared some risqué pictures with one another.

The day of our date came and our collective excitement was a steady simmer by then, resulting in us all counting down the minutes before we'd be able to leave. We went for drinks at a decent Mexican place a few blocks away from Rachel's house. We talked for maybe an hour and, for some reason, got cut off by our server after our second round when she delivered the check without asking. Normally, I'd be a little upset, but in this case, what else could we do but go back to the house for another beer? A tragedy, I know...

So we grabbed another round from the fridge and head downstairs to Rachel's room and get a little more comfortable on her bed (with no place else to sit), continuing our conversation and eventually coming to the topic of sex. We went over what we liked, what we didn't, her experience with girls in the past, etc., and at some point, my hand found a resting spot on her leg. Huh. Funny how that happens. In any event, I thanked her for being a trooper and coming out despite her early flight the next morning, insisted that we'd have to make it up to her somehow, and leaned over for a kiss.

I suppose at this point, I should describe the three of us for those of you who (understandably) wanted to skip my non-erotic rhapsodizing. Rachel is maybe 5'4, and stacked. Like, bad at Tetris stacked. Like HH cups and a great ass stacked. Dark brown hair hat falls past her shoulders, fair skin, a killer smile. I'm 5'10, 155 and covered in tattoos and chest hair. I do yoga, rock climb, and run a lot, so I have a pretty athletic body, something which Rachel never tires of telling me. Dark brown hair that I keep shaved with one of the shortest settings on my trimmer, and a full beard a tiny bit longer. Viv is the same height as Rachel, curvy, and blonde (thanks to her hairdresser). She wears those thick-rimmed glasses that I personally love, and has these reallllly blue eyes that are incredible. And, like she said, dat ass.

While we were all wearing jeans, I was wearing an olive green henley, Rachel had on a black lace-y shirt, and Vivienne had on a white blouse with some black designs on it, one sheer enough to faintly see her bra beneath. After a few minutes of all making out with one another, we all lost the shirts and bras and I get to be the lucky sonofabitch playing with four breasts. Vivienne has those nipples that get very textured when she's turned on (or cold) and skin in generally that seems prone to goosebumps, which I think is really sexy. We all took turns playing with each other's nipples (well, not mine) and eventually I positioned myself behind Viv while Rachel made out with her from the front. I was grinding my bulge against her and alternating between squeezing her breasts and teasing my hands at the waist of her jeans. I slipped a hand beneath them and felt her silk panties, beneath which was an exceedingly smooth pussy that was incredibly wet. She must have waxed, or else shaved moments before arriving at the restaurant.

Her jeans came off, as did Rachel's, and the two fell onto the bed, with Vivienne on her hands and knees on top. I helped myself to squeezing and spanking her ass (by the end of the night, it was red and warm to the touch), as well as stroking her beneath the maroon underwear she wore to match her long-discarded bra. If there's anything about sex I love the most, it's eating pussy, I wasn't able to hold off any more. I pulled her gusset aside and buried my tongue inside of her, moaning at her taste and swallowing every last drop I could. It was at this point that Viv's glasses fell on the bed and got crushed by someone's hand, snapping off one of the temples. Fortunately, they were only $15 bucks, but they framed her face so well that I was sad to see them go. However, her eyes appeared much more noticeable and a bright blue, so I wasn't complaining.

Before too long, she was lying on the bed as well, and, somehow, Rachel (that jerk!) stole my spot between her legs. I knew I'd get my chance later, so I spent my time kissing Vivienne's neck, nibbling on her earlobes, and holding her wrists above her head. I asked her permission each time, choking her, smacking her breasts, slapping her in the face. The way she was looking up at me, helpless, with those bright blue eyes was just so fucking hot. As Rachel was going down on her, I remember leaning down and growling in her ear, "You like that? You like being our little toy? You're helpless right now, understand me? Our plaything, to use how we want until we're done with you..."

Rachel eventually gave up her spot and mounted Vivienne's stomach, so I quickly jumped in and did what I do best. It was ridiculous how smooth her lips were, and I dragged my tongue along every inch of them. Before long, I focused on her clit, pursing my lips around it and flickering my tongue back and forth, over and over, mercilessly. Pushing two fingers into her soaked pussy, I could hear by her moans that she was pretty close. I kept at it, with particular ardor when she told me she was about to cum, until she began writhing and I could feel her lips tighten around my fingers. I continued kissing and licking her there, but she told me she was extremely sensitive after cumming, so I did my best to hold off, although her little yelps and giggles were super adorable. By this point, Rachel had repositioned to be on Vivienne's side, kissing her neck and whispering in her ear.

I took the opportunity to accost Rachel, pushing her back on the bed and going down on her with equal enthusiasm. She usually gets too distracted to tell me when she's cumming, but I can usually tell (after 16 months of dating), and this time was no different. While kissing her clit and stroking her g spot with my fingers, I heard her throaty moans and felt her clench up in the same fashion.

I still had my jeans on, but I took them off at this point. I always wear boxer-briefs on dates because, men, that's how bulges look their best, and tonight was no exception. I could feel eyes on me, and I took my time getting back in bed, kissing Rachel and crawling top of Vivienne to do the same. I was grinding on her, letting her feel how hard I was before asking if I could get a condom. She said yes, so I stood back up and took off my underwear. Again, the eyes. I rolled the condom on and got back on top of Vivienne.

I took my time sliding in as Rachel watched us, her hand rubbing furiously between her legs. I looked Vivienne in the eyes as, inch by inch, I sunk deeper and deeper into her. Finally, my thighs were resting against hers, but I pushed a little harder and got that extra bit of depth to bottom out as we both groaned in pleasure. I started slowly, tip to base, tip to base, but I hadn't cum yet tonight and her pussy felt so, so, so good. It didn't take long before I had built up a solid rhythm, with her asking me if I liked "that tight pussy" and telling me how good my cock felt. Would that I could say I lasted for thirty minutes and twice as many orgasms, but I knew that I'd be lucky if I could last for ten. And, being naked with two women notwithstanding, I wasn't that lucky. It didn't help the matter that, in addition to whispering filthy things to me, she was talking to Rachel, asking if she liked watching me fuck her and commenting on how she was rubbing her clit. I told her to look me in the eyes and I remember cursing as I came hard, my cock pulsing inside of her, my arms trembling to keep me up. I collapsed on top of her, burying my face in her neck and shivering in pleasure as the last few drops of my climax filled the condom. I lied there for several long moments, recovering, before I eventually pulled out.

I caught my breath and got up, disposing of the rubber and using a tissue to clean myself up a bit before going to the bathroom. When I got back, they were still lying on the bed, naked except for Rachel's panties. And boy, what a sight to see upon walking into a room. I took off my jeans again and got on the bed, resting my head on Viv's thighs, and we talked for a while before it was pointed out that it was past eleven and she had to get on a plane in less than eight hours. So she got dressed, agreed that we needed to schedule a second date soon, and we walked her upstairs so she could get her Uber.

Rachel and I went back downstairs and got ready for bed like the boring couple we are. Nahhhhh jk, we were still jazzed and pretty damn horny, so we got naked again and I wasted no time in entering her to the hilt. I don't know where the energy came from, but having already cum once, I had quite a bit more stamina this time around, and it didn't take her long to cum... and a second time... and then me again. Since we don't wear condoms with each other, I didn't have to pull out and change, so I just rested for a while inside of her before giving her that look... you know, that one that tells her that you're gonna keep going and use her how you want to no matter what her opinion on the matter is. Yeah, that one. So I kept going, and although I was a little sore, it was still so fucking hot to hear her moaning like that, so it was well worth it. I don't remember how many times she came in total, but I came once more, and we were fucking exhausted

This time we actually got ready for bed, and quickly fell asleep. Apparently, I was still ready to go all night, hard as a rock and repeatedly getting handsy with Rachel beneath the sheets. At least, that's what she said. I was asleep. Guess I had something on my mind... We had sex again the next morning, and Vivienne sent us a picture of her bruised lip-- lip-biting is both in our makeout repertoire, so... sorry, Viv! We'll make it up to you by biting you elsewhere next time ;)

Until then...

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