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A fantasy of my wife [MFM] [MFF] [MF] | 2016

I didn't want to post this on my main account so I made a new one for this.

Me: 36y man, 5'7", a lean physique, dark short hair. She: 36y, 5'8", a normal physique, blond-brown long hair, sexy pronounced hips, B cup. We are together for more than 18 years and are both our first love. This story happened in 2016.

I hope I did a good enough job off describing the evening. It was way harder than I thought, (and english is not my native language).

Some background:

A few times a year I take my time to really indulge my wife. I try to make her forget all the built-up stress of work and such. She really deserves this for all things she does for me and the kids. We have a healthy sexlife and are very open about our sexual fantasies. I think we like to talk alot about this because we only had eachother as sexual partners. So there is a lot of wondering... "how would it be with somebody else... how would it be to have a threesome etc..." During one of those 'fantasy talks' she said something that stuck with me. This is the story about how I did an attempt to make my wife experience the thing she talked about.

The story:

That night the kids where at a sleepover with friends. The perfect moment for me to surprise my wife. The start of the evening wasn't so different from any other occasion we have some private time. So she couldn't suspect anything. We enjoyed a glass of sprankling wine, ate dinner, talked a lot about all kinds off stuff and ended up in the couch in the living room. Eventually we started kissing. Very passionate. I still lose myself in kissing her this way, even after 18 years. In the meantime I took a blindfold from my pockets and I covered her eyes. I whispered in her ear that she just had to sit still and wait. First a big smile appeared and then she bit on her lower lip. I knew she was ready for some fun.

I quickly set up the massage table (best 'investment' we ever made ;d) and placed some other stuff in an easy to reach spot. Of course she heard that I was setting up the massage table, but that was the only thing she knew...

With the massage table in place I took her by the hands and pulled her on her feet. We started kissing passionately again and after a few minutes I slowly started to remove her clothes one by one until she was completely naked. I took my time to enjoy the view of my beautiful (blindfolded) wife. I kissed her again (couldn't get enough) and led her to the massage table. I asked her to lay down so I could massage her back. While she searched a comfortable position, I warmed up some massage oil in my hands and and I started to massage her shoulders and back. She began to groan/moan as a sign of appreciation. Hearing her groan/moan always gives me a good feeling. During a massage I try to say as little as possible so she can fully focus on whatever sensations she feels. After about 15 minutes I went on to massage her legs, starting just above her feet. In the process of massaging her legs I gently spread them open, more and more as I worked my way up to her sexy ass. This was the moment that her moans of enjoyement started to shift into a more sexuale moaning. When her legs were spread to the point her feet would fall off to the sides, I stopped. I took a step back and did nothing for a few minutes. Just looking at her, lying there with spread legs. Still on her back and blindfolded. She continued to let out some sexy moans and I could see her twist her hips up and down, in a slow and subtle way. (I call it "the please fuck me motion") She was getting very horny at this point. I knew she wanted me to touch her pussy. I could cleary see her getting wet and could barely control myself. I wanted to touch/taste her wet lips so badly... but I didn't... not tonight...

Instead of touching her lips I began to massage her ass. Spreading her cheaks, teasing her ass without really touching. Teasing her pussy without really touching. The moaning and twisting of the hips got more intense as I moved my hands from her ass to her inner thighs and back up again. Up until now she didn't say a word but then she begged "I want to feel you". Still in the same position with her legs spread and making her pussy as accessible as possible by arching her lower back. I didn't answer, I just enjoyed the sexy moaning sounds she made of anticipation. A few moment later I told her that I would decide where, when and who would touch her. For a few second she didn't make any sound, stopped any movement. She processed what I just said and finally answered with a loud 'hmmmmmmmmmm', full of anticipation. It is incredible which powerful atmosphere you can create with just a blindfold. But I wasn't going to stop just yet.

I took my mobile phone and send a textmessage. I made sure the notification sound was at max volume. Of course she knows the sound of my phone when sending/receiving a text and she asked who I was sending to. I could tell she questioned why I had to do this right now? I just asked her to turn around and lay on her back. As soon as she was in a comfortable position, I took a red bondage rope and tied her hands over her head to the massage table. She is loving this. To be blindfolded and tied down is one of her biggest turn-ons. Giving complete control to me. I had to surpress a loud laugh because this time I didn't have to spread her legs myself. She allready spread her legs wide open herself, resting on her feet, as far as the massage table let her. I now have a perfect view off her pussy and saw some grool dripping to her ass. Soon the cover off the massage table was going to have a little wet spot. My cock was hard, almost from the time I put on the blindfold, but now I felt my cock throbbing. I was pretty sure I lost some pre-cum. That feeling was/is amazing. To make sure I was in full control, I took some extra rope and tied her legs down in a "frogtie". At this point she was in this position but with red bondage ropes!

I made sure none of the ropes where too tight and asked if she still was comfortable. I kissed her and tell her that she looks so fucking hot and that I am the luckiest man alive. She just answers with moans and bites on her lower lip. She is so horny and her body is begging to be used. Her nipples are hard, grool dripping from her pussy and the twisting of her hips became more intense again. Time to use the massage oil again, this time on her breasts. It crossed my mind to keep teasing her and to avoid her nipples but this time I couldn't control myself. I just had to touch them. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. Gently touching and squeezing them made her whole body react. Her breathing became heavy and she started to moan louder and louder. "I can feel it in my pussy", she said. I quickly looked over and I could see her pussy pulsating as I massaged her breasts and nipples. With that view, the throbbing feeling in my hard cock became instenser too. I remember thinking "at this rate I will cum in my pants". After about 5 minutes off playing with her breasts I moved my hands to her inner thighs and teased her outer lips little bit. At this point she moaned, gasped, twisted her hips, begged for me to touch her pussy. I realized that I have never seen her this wet before. I also have never teased her this much before without touching her pussy. Seeing my wife in a mental state where she only lived in that moment and was 100% focused on this particular sexual experience was the hottest thing I had ever seen (up until that point).

Now it was time for the surprise and I remember feeling a bit nervous for what would come next. I took a step back from the massage table and grabbed my phone again. I sent another text and waited for the notification sound, which didn't took long. "Are you texting again?" she asked with a surprised tone. I just kissed her, waited a few seconds and then left the room into the hallway and walked to the front door. I knew she could hear that I opened the frontdoor, I hoped she did. So I opened the front door, took a step back, smiled and closed the door again. I led the way back to the living room where my wife was blindfolded and tied down with her legs spread open. That sight was amazing (can't say it enough). But now my wife wasn't moaning or moving anymore. I noticed that she even held her breath as she was trying to listen to what I was doing. As I made my way back to the massage table all she could here was the sound from a chair being pulled back over the floor. At that point she gasped. A few moments later she asked If somebody else was in the room? I could hear a hint off excitement, but also a little bit of fear in her voice. I swear I saw her nipples harden up as I was standing next to the her again. I reached for her nipples and squeezed them. Instantly she let out a loud moan. I saw her pussy pulsating at the same time, releasing some hot grool... I walked away from the table and waited a few moments, giving myself time to think about what I was going to say next. I told her that whatever happens next she just has to say 'stop' if she doesn't like it anymore... "hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... OK" was her response. There was a shivering in her voice, but she kept smiling and I could tell she still loved it.

A few moment later she heard that sound again of a chair moving. Again she held her breath trying her best to hear something, trying to figure out what was happening around her. Suddenly she felt a hand caress her spread out legs, teasing her inner thighs. I noticed that this time she didn't moan or react to being touched. She just bit her lower lip, held her breath and kept listening for clues (later that evening she told me she tried to focus on the way she was touched, if it felt familiar or not). Very quickly the hands moved to her breasts, when her nipples got some attention she couldn't hold back the moans anymore. At that point she just surrendered herself to the situation she was in. The sexy twisting of the hips, the moans, hard nipples, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She was totally submerged in this sexual experience. The hands started moving down to the inner thighs again and for the first time tonight her pussy was touched. No more teasing. "Hmmmmmmmmm, yyyyyeessssss... my pussy is going to explode", she yelled. My cock felt like exploding too. Fingers were pushed between her lips, and her clit got some attention too. The moaning became louder and I knew she was very close. Fingers covered in her juices slipped in and out her pussy. It must have been only one minute after playing with her pussy that she had a very strong and loud orgasm. Her whole body shook. That was the most intense orgasm I have ever seen from her and I loved it. What happened next was just amazing to see and hear. She couldn't get enough of it. "She begged for more and her hips made a fucking motion (as far as the ropes let her). During her first orgasm the fingers never left her pussy, three fingers were fucking her and they did what she asked, they continued to fuck her pussy. Within what seemed only 5 minutes, she had two more orgams. When the playing stopped, she catched her breath and said "that was amazing". About a minute later she asked: 'Was that really somebody else? 'Maybe', I said. She started to laugh. 'Wauw', she said. Now I thought it was time to remove all the ropes and the blindfold, but first I wanted to ask her something. 'If there is a third person here with us, can he or her stay for the rest of the evening to have some more fun? Or do you want that person to leave?'

She laughed nervously but it didn't took her long to decide. 'I want to see who played with me?... Or was it you and did your guest just watch me cum?' I felt a bit proud that she wasn't completely sure... then I became a little bit nervous as I didn't want to disappoint her in the outcome.

I untied her. Gave her some time to stretch her legs and arms after being tied down so long. I helped her sit straight up on the massage table and sat next to her. I whispered in her ear, 'I love you and I would do anything to make you happy... You can remove the blindfold if you want'. 'Whooooooooo... exciting', she said and slowly removed the blindfold. She nervously looked around and a few moments later a big smile appeared on her face. The look in her eyes was priceless. 'Thank you', she said and started to kiss me with so much passion, I don't know how to describe it...

Information I tried to not give away (immediately) in the story:

As said in the beginning we are very open to each other about our sexual fantasies. I can't really remember when, but she said: "Wouldn't it be hot to be blindfolded and tied down and without knowing who, another person is caressing, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking you? Not even knowing if it was a man or a women (she is bi-curious).

There wasn't a third person with us, which you probably figured out by now. I just tried the best as I could to make her think there was a third man or woman. I walked around in my bare feet so she couldn't hear my steps, I just opened the frontdoor and closed it again, I tried to pull the chair back as I walked back to her, I touched her as clumsy as I could, fuck her with 3 fingers instead of the 'usual 2', fingerfuck her in different motions that usual, just tried to touch her differently... It all felt clumsy as I did it but it worked way better than I could have ever hoped. It was really funny that I even got nervous at some point in the evening. I think it was because she experienced it so intense. I started to think, 'Waw, if somebody was really here she would probably go all the way'. This experience and the way she (and even I) reacted to this experience made us realize that we both wanted more than just talking about our fantasies.

At the time of this story we only had sexual experience with each other. Since then we took our first steps into the world of swinging. We have gone on dates with 2 couples, are talking with 3 other couples and made 2 visites to a swingers club. We are so happy we took the step to share our sexual desires with like-minded people.

I did a few attempts since then to find a man or a woman to make this happen for real. But without succes. It is very difficult to organize such a surprise for real. Trusting a stranger in our house while my wife is tied down is a big leap. But maybe I will see one of you in the future to surprise my wife ;d

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