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2 fantasies, 1 night [MF] | 2016

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So I mentioned in a previous post about how my wife and I were away from each other for a few nights and I was coming back from my trip horny as hell. We decided on our sensual massage role play that always results in very passionate intense sex. Little did I know I was in store for a huge and amazing surprise...

If you've read my other posts then you'll know that my wife (30F, 5'4, 125ish, new 34d silicone tits, blonde, great ass) is sorta coming into her own and becoming much more comfortable with her pussy and her inner sexual being. 69ing, face sitting, oral post our workouts, etc all have been becoming routine.

What happened a couple nights ago was something I figured I would never experience in person. Once the massage got us nice and turned on we decided to do our new favorite, 69. I lay down, she gets on top of me and she makes a very unusual (for her), hot comment about the porn (more sensual, romance type stuff) we have on the tv. "That's so fucking hot," she said very breathy and heavy voice as she stroked my dick. On the tv was the porn star getting eaten out by the guy as she was bent over a kitchen counter. Usually she isn't a fan of the eating out scenes, she gets going watching a blowjob and at times turned off by watching oral on a woman.

My wife squats her wetter than normal pussy onto my face. It was like a picture off of the r/grool subreddit. I apply the vibrator to her clit and I start going at it. She starts sucking my dick like never before. I'm gripping her ass hard and pretty much just tongue fucking her pussy as deep as I can. After several minutes she starts fucking my face like my cock is in her. Next thing I know, she moaning louder and louder and then she lets out a high pitched sexy noise almost as if she lost her breath... and then my face was soaked.

I don't know how else to describe but it was like if someone had a rocks glass full of water and poured it on the lower half of your face. I made my wife gush (I guess squirt) on my face!!!

She had a slight tremble to her as she slowly bent back down and sorta in a daze slowly jacked me off and rubbed against my cock with her perfect tits. As I was gently kissing her still soaked self I couldn't take it anymore. The 5 day build up plus the fact I got an amazing facial caused me to explode. She got up off of me and I saw that I sprayed her tits and even got some on her chin (I've never given her a facial). She looked at me with what was normally her drunk smirk/grin. She got up on my lap in the cowgirl position. "That was amazing," she said as I looked up at my gorgeous bride that had cum dripping off her chin and tits. She said "let's take a bath and relax." We got up and got in our whirl pool bathtub and I held her as we relaxed and softly made out.

We both maybe had 2 of the best orgasms we had ever had. 2 of my biggest fantasies came true: seeing her with cum on her face and her squirting on my face. Thanks for indulging me!

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