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Stories | 2016

I Needed That [f/m]

It all started innocently enough. We were planning to hang out and watch movies while drawing (we are both aspiring artists with some stuff in the same gallery). We ended up chatting most of the many hours I was there. Conversation continually turned to my less than satisfying relationship. I complained about a lack of communication, lack of quality time, and a severe lack of sex, especially satisfying sex. I just wanted a good fuck so badly is what I kept saying. I couldn’t stop it. Sometimes your unconscious speaks for you.

[f/f/m/m] A little crazy fun

This is something that happened to me when I was 18, nearing 19. My parents took my sister to an overnight stay at a U.S. hotel (I’m in Canada a couple of hours drive away from the States). My best friend came over and we decided to go to a bar that we knew didn’t card. She was a brunette with light streaks in her hair and deep brown eyes. She was pale like me, with red pouty lips and a big ass, super curvy. I was also pale and brunette, with an hourglass figure and big breasts. She was super flirty/sexual and was more experienced than me.

Fetish Night at the Sex Club [m/f][voyeur]

This is my first ever post and I'm not sure if I can write well enough for people to enjoy reading, but the following happened about 1-2 weeks ago and I'm recalling it from memory.

The Meet