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Stories | 2016

Was going to save it for that special someone but m/f/f was way too enticing

At 18 years I had done about everything a girl could do without losing my virginity. I always thought the first time would be with someone I felt a connection to, was in love with and would be with forever. However, l chose to lose my virginity to my best friend and her boyfriend and I wouldn't have it any other way. Independence Day, small group of friends, senior year of high school. Drinking games, older boys and all the other stereotypical high school party favors. We decide to go skinny dipping in the hottub- hottubs broke.

Silly Dare gonewild (fmm)(long)

My friend JP and I play indoor soccer and it makes us take weekend trips all over FL. On one of these trips he brought his girl. She is average looking, athletic, highlighted brunette, with small perky tits but with a nice apple round ass.

She is always bragging about her sex drive and how JP is not up to her sexual standards to the point where I sometimes feel uncomfortable for my friend.

19 [F/M] My baseball player wings a big stick.

I have mentioned my baseball player previously but for those who don't know I'll describe him a bit.

He's tall (6"2 -6"4) not quite sure but he is long and lean. His body is muscular and athletic. Abs well defined as well as all of his muscles. His cock is large. Is say 8+ inches and nice and thick. I really love it.

He recently got a new girlfriend so I hadn't heard from him much over the past month, which was fine, I had a lot of other fun over the month.

My best friend's boy. [f/m]

I used to post here about sex with strangers. Today I'm going to tell you about an experience a little closer to home. It's got its own thrills and it is currently consuming my thoughts, so I thought I'd write about it here just to get a little bit of closure. There's a whole lot of pretext going on here, so skip to the middle for the dirty.

My valentines day present for my bf [ffm]

This just happened last weekend. I’ve only been with my bf for a short period of time but I wanted to give him a special treat for Valentines Day. This treat came in the form of another girl. Now just before we started dating he hooked up with this girl Laura and I was really upset about it but I’ve kinda been a bitch to him lately so what the hell. Besides, she is stunning! She’s a short girl; blonde, beautiful blue eyes, and has an amazing body. Her boobs are a full c or d cup and she has a great ass, as my bf described it, juicy.