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The [M]arried Woman Who I [F]ucked Pt.1 | 2016

Let's call her Lily, because she reminds me of Lily Thai. She's a petite Filipina, long black hair hanging down to her back dimples, small b cup, slight abs and overall muscle tone, and had a firm, toned ass. To give you some backstory, I only knew her online for years. She was a friend of a friend, and we exchanged messages and texts for a while. Eventually, we had phone sex once or twice, exchanged pictures, all the basic sexy fun stuff.

Years later, and Lily & I hadn't spoken since then. I moved to another state and started dating a girl, we moved in together, things were serious. Lily found me on Facebook and we caught up. I found out she moved to only an hour away from where I now lived, and I quickly reminded her that I was living with my girlfriend, then she told me that she was married. We occasionally interacted on Facebook, but nothing more.

Eventually my girlfriend and I broke up, and she contacted me asking if I was ok. It seemed like she had other intentions, but I wrote it off because I knew she was married. Until she told me she wanted to visit. She INSISTED she was only visiting as a friend to see the city that I was living in, and she firmly told me not to get any ideas because of our history. I agreed, and we made plans for that Friday.

She drove to my place and one of the first things that I noticed when I let her in, was that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring. I took that as a sign to never mention or ask about the marriage. She brought drinks, and instead of going out like we had planned, I cooked for us while she got us drunk. Things stayed very tame, she said she asked if she could stay the night, and she told me she wanted to stay on my couch, she absolutely would not have it any other way. She fell asleep on it while we were watching a movie.

In the morning, I woke her up while I was cooking breakfast, and she hopped in the shower. I figured we'd go out after we ate, but she went to my bed to nap, and asked me to come with. At this point I figured she had no idea what the fuck she wanted. So we're laying in bed talking, then she turned her back to me, and scooted back against me. It felt sudden and out of place, but I put my arm around her and pulled her closer, to speak softly in her ear. Immediately she started gently teasing my cock with her ass.

After a night of hanging out as friends, and expecting this to go nowhere, now she's in my bed, tightly pressed against me, rubbing her firm little ass against my cock. I whispered in her ear "Did you just come here to be a fucking cock tease?" and the hair on her neck stood up as her body flooded with goosebumps. She replied that she's not sure what she wants, so I told her to make things simple, I'm just going to do what I want, and she can tell me to stop at any moment.

I pulled her hair back to lift her chin and expose her neck for me to kiss. I worked my way to her lips, and she hungrily kissed me, her tongue practically jumped out of her mouth just to taste mine. With our tongues together, she was now much less subtle with the way she was grinding against me. Just a few minutes ago we were calmly speaking, and now my cock was throbbing and I knew that I was going to fuck this woman senseless.

We undressed each other as we intensely made out, throwing each others clothes around my room. Eventually she was on top of me in nothing but her lacey panties, grinding her pussy on whichever part of my body she could get herself against while we kissed. I could feel how hot she was through her wet panties, and I couldn't stand the grinding anymore. I pinned her on her back, held her wrists down over her head, and circled her clit with my middle finger. After I felt that she'd begged enough, I pulled her panties off, stuck two fingers in her mouth for her to suck, then slowly slid them inside of her pussy, pressing her gspot.

I kissed down her neck, chest, stopped to lick and suck each nipple while I fingered her, and then kissed and licked my way down to her pussy. I sucked on her clit, pulled it between my lips, flicked it with my tongue, then pressed my tongue firm against it while I dragged my tongue down until I was sliding it into her pussy. I rubbed her clit with my thumb while I did that, and I alternated between that and rubbing her gspot while sucking her clit. Eventually she gripped my head with both hands so hard I thought she was about to pull me away, but she pulled my face tightly to her pussy, and her hips started to buck against my face. She was moaning and gasping, I couldn't even understand what she was trying to say.

When she was finished, I sat up to catch my breath. Looking down at her, her hair was a mess, she had one knee up, the other leg stretched out, her face was flushed, nipples as hard as can be, pussy soaked, and her entire body was glistening with sweat from head to toe. Then she got on her knees in front of me, kissed me deeply, then licked her lips before pushing me onto my back. She spit on my cock and stoked it while looking into my eyes and said "Now it's my turn"...

The rest will be in Pt. 2

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