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28 [MF] Work and play | 2016

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So this all started in a job that I have been doing for quite some time and this girl who had only been working there for a few months kinda made some hints that she was into me. Well a few weeks later we are having full on pornographic text convos and I'm just trying to find a way to make it work. Being cautious as I am, but horny af In the medical field. this girl I worked with loved to flirt and play. I never took too much to it. But one day she caught me off guard and pulled me into the back stock room grabbed my ass and kissed me hard. It was hot and it threw me for a loop I couldn't pull away so I just kept with it. All during business hours mind you. Then she slide down my chest and pulled my scrub pants down and out flopped my hard cock. She smiled and licked the tip and made my heart race, then she grabbed it and fit most of it in her mouth while licking it with her tongue. It was such a great feeling when my head hit the back of her throat. She stroked my balls while she sucked my dick and grabbed my ass while took as much as she could in. I then picked her up and thrust her against some boxes that were pilled up and rubber my cock over her scrubs making her moan and squirm. I set her down and grabbed her breast and kissed her hard knowing what I wanted to do to her. I pulled her scrub pants down along with her skimpy blue hip hugging panties. And licked her clean waxed pussy to see how wet she was. It was a dripping wet pussy that needed to be filled with my cock. I quickly made she the stock room door was shut and picked her up again holding her knees and letting her bare ass slap onto my thighs. She quickly guided my hard cock into her throbbing pussy and slowly worked my way as deep as her tight pussy could handle. After I got a good feel for her I slid my cock almost all the way out and let it slowly slip back into her making her beg me to fuck her. Then as I pushed her against the wall I thrust my cock in and out and felt my Hips slapping on her and feeling my balls clapping on her with each thrust. I slowly worked some speed up while I played with her small nipples and kissed her neck as she clawed at my back. Then she climbed down from me and slipped down to my dripping wet cock and played with me till I came in her mouth. Sopping up as much as she could and swallowed it. Then we fixed ourselves up and went back to work as if nothing happened.

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